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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 10/03/16

We shouldn't have played today. After yesterday's monsoon the course was saturated, with large areas of standing water. And even where it appeared drier the ground was soft and unforgiving of any slightly thick shots. It was, however, a bit warmer and there was hardly any wind.

I put my drive left on the 1st, which is becoming the standard opening. My shot out of the rough was clean but went too far across the fairway and it took a while to find the ball in the long wet grass. I played out with an 8-iron and then put a hybrid about 50 yards short of the green. An iron and two putts gave me a gross 7 for one point. Not too bad a start considering the haphazard approach.

On the 2nd I decided to use the driver, as it seems now to go left more often than not, which is fine on this hole as there's a deep water-filled ditch to the right, and the ground slopes into it. This approach worked as I had a good drive down the middle. Unfortunately I then put the next hybrid shot into the right-hand bunker and proceeded to take four shots to get out. At that point I realised that any chance of a good score had gone. I ended up with a gross 9.

The par 3, 3rd redeemed things a bit with a par. The 4th was also going well until my fourth shot to the green sliced right and ended up behind a rhododendron bush. I had to play a short safety out and then pitch onto the green for 6, needing two putts to get a gross 8. I then got a gross 4 on the par 3, 5th.

I pulled my drive left on the 6th and then made the mistake of trying to play my 5-wood out of the wet rough. All I managed to do was drive the ball into the ground while not moving it forward an inch. The next hybrid shot was good until it reached the bunker on the right, from where I needed two shots to get out, and then another to reach the green. Add the two putts that followed and I got a gross 8. The 7th and 8th were largely uneventful and I managed a gross 6 for both, giving me a nett par on each. The 9th was spoilt by a 'go nowhere' iron shot in the mud in front of the green, which resulted in a gross 8 on this par 5.

If I was hoping for a change in fortunes on the back nine, I was out of luck. On the 10th I put my third shot in the large fairway bunker that protects the approach to the green and needed three from there to reach the green. Two putts then left me with a gross 8. The 11th went well until I reached the green, where three putts meant I had a gross 7. The 12th also went reasonably well with a gross 6, despite a badly hit drive that by good fortune kept out of trouble. I got nett pars (gross 5s) on the 13th and 14th, which was a bit of a relief.

I've been playing the long par 5, 15th well of late but today things didn't go according to plan. The drive was good but the next three shots suffered because of the saturated ground. I could still have reached the green for 5, but in fact needed two iron shots and then two putts, giving me a gross 8. I get a point for that, but I got three points on this hole last Friday.

A gross 4, nett par, on the short 16th was followed by a gross 6 on the 17th, where after getting on the green in three I took three putts. My drive and first fairway shot on the 18th were good but my iron shot was just short, from where I putted onto the green, and then took two more putts to get a gross 6.

It was a difficult day and I was guilty of a few poor choices of club. I also struggled to get drives onto the fairway, leaving me with more difficult second shots. Iron approach shots continue to be a weakness, although today the fear of going into the mud caused a few additional thinned shots. However, I didn't lose any balls, which says something. Being optimistic, if I can play in these conditions I should be able to play much better once the course dries out.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 10 March 2016

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