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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 10/11/16

Another chilly morning with a slight threat of rain, although it actually turned out quite nice in the end. As for the golf, I thought that this was going to be The day. The first three holes went extremely well, and although I faltered a bit at the tricky 4th, I was still playing within my handicap. Then, as often is the case, I made hard work of the 5th, very hard work of the 6th, and thereafter it all fell apart.

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Today I experimented with my 23 degree hybrid off the tee. Theoretically 'shorter' than the 20 degree one, it tends to be less inclined to slice. Off the 1st tee I made 163 yards, which is as good as I usually get with the supposedly longer club. I reverted to the 20 degree club for my second shot but it was 'groundy', so I decided to go back to the other club, which put my third shot about 50 yards from the green. I was then a bit short with the 9-iron but the following 7-iron chip-and-run put me a few feet from the hole. One putt for a nett par 6.

My tee shot on the 2nd went left into the edge of the trees but bounced out into the clear. With the 23 degree club I put the next shot just short of the green on this shortish hole. A nice 8-iron chip and one quite longish putt for a nett birdie 4.

On the 3rd I was short of the green off the tee but had another good 7-iron chip for a single putt, giving me a nett birdie 3.

Another respectable tee shot on the 4th followed by a somewhat lucky second shot that was thinned, with a left to right slice, but which ended up ideally placed for an approach shot to the green. It was only just over 100 yards and I ill-advisedly took my 27 degree hybrid, being worried an iron might shank into trees to the right, or worse go into the lake on the left. I played a half shot with the hybrid and it didn't make the green. A 9-iron chip looked good but ran on, leaving a long putt back. In fact I needed three putts for a nett bogey 7.

A weak tee shot on the 5th looked bunker bound but stopped a few feet short. I wasted this good fortune by underplaying my gap wedge, requiring a putt on to the green. Two more putts were needed for a nett bogey 5. You will note that the good start was starting all so slightly to unravel.

Teeing off on the 6th I came down onto the ball, leaving an indentation in the tee box and only making 80 yards. The next shot curved right putting trees between me and the green. It was a very similar position to the last time I played this hole. On that occasion I managed a low 7-iron between the trees that actually was too long. I tried the same shot today, but with less power, which unfortunately caused me to loft the ball higher and it hit the branches of a tree, whereupon it fell to the ground. I then tried a 9-iron chip over the bunker but went in it! A good sand iron shot out was the best shot of the hole but I still needed two putts for a blobbed 7.

If the 6th was bad the 7th was a disaster. The tee shot was a repeat of what happened on the 6th, this time going only 60 yards. The next went right putting me behind trees. I tried to play forward instead of just chipping out sideways, which was a big mistake. I clipped a tree with what was a badly hit 7-iron, leaving me further into the trees. I then tried a low hybrid shot, which again hit a tree. At least I now had a clear view of the green but the lie wasn't good. I took my 4-iron but made a complete hash of the shot, going only about 25 yards. So now on 5, I had 150 yards still to go. A decent hybrid almost got me there, but I needed a chip on and two putts, ending up with a 9.

On the 8th I again topped the tee shot, again only making about 60 yards. This was now three times in succession and I was becoming despondent. However, I had a couple of good hybrids leaving me an 8-iron shot to the green. I took a monster divot and the ball went a paltry 25 yards. I took the 8-iron again and landed off the left of the green, from where I chipped on and two-putted for an 8, and another blob.

At least on the 9th I got the tee shot away. It wasn't long but it was safe. The next hybrid wasn't bad either, but then I completely screwed up the next shot, sending it scurrying left into a bunker only 40 yards away. I took a 9-iron out that got me back on the fairway. The next hybrid wasn't long and the 9-iron pitch that followed didn't pitch at all, but ran along the ground and by good fortune ended up just off the back of the green. I putted on and took a single putt for an 8, my 4th blob in a row.

Truly a game of two halves, one good and the other bad. I ended up with 57 shots, 15 putts and only 10 points, but they were earned over the first five holes showing that I was playing to handicap up until then.

I think I suffered a phycological meltdown.

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Scorecard 10 November 2016

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