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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course -10/10/16

After last Thursday's meltdown I tried again today to put in a card for the handicap secretary. Having found out I could put in a 9-hole card, this is what I did. I could have been doing this throughout the year but thought for handicap purposes I needed to do 18 holes. It appears that this requirement has been relaxed.

Things went a lot better today. It was chilly but when the sun shone through quite pleasant. The wind was light give or take the occasional gust when clouds passed over. In fact the conditions were very good for October.

I took a hybrid of the tee on the 1st, which while only making 120 yards was straight! The next couple of hybrids were each around 160 yards allowing me to pitch on for 4 with my 9-iron. I nearly putted out for a par, but tapped in for a nett par 6. A much better start.

My hybrid tee shot rolled into the ditch on the 2nd. After a penalty drop I hit a weak hybrid but it put me back on the fairway. An 8-iron pitch and two putts for a nett bogey 6.

A good hybrid tee shot on the par 3, 3rd put me on the green. The putt was long and I was far too short, resulting in two further putts for a nett par 4.

The 4th was a bit of a lucky escape. My hybrid tee shot was a 'head up' and only made the end of the tee box! Three more hybrids put me just off the green for 4 but my 7-iron chip was short, leaving me with two putts for a nett bogey 7.

I was just short of the green on the 5th with my hybrid tee shot. I thinned the 7-iron chip, which took me to the far side of the green. The next 7-iron was better and I single putted for a nett par 4.

I had another poor hybrid tee shot on the 6th but followed it with a long hybrid, giving me a pitching wedge shot to the green for 3. Two putts for a nett bogey 5.

The 7th tee shot wasn't great and neither was the second, putting me just in the trees on the edge of the left-right dogleg. A somewhat chancy hybrid shot between two tress came off, and left me with a 9-iron pitch to the green for 4. Unfortunately the 9-iron should have been a pitching wedge, and I ran through the green. My 8-iron chip was half-hearted and was slugged by the grass, moving the ball only a few yards. I putted from off the green and then putted in for a nett bogey 7.

The 8th was perhaps my best hole. My hybrid tee shot wasn't that long but the next hybrid was, and this was followed by another hybrid, the ball landing on the green for 3 but rolling off the side. I chipped on with the 7-iron and single-putted for 5, a nett birdie for 3 points.

The 9th is never easy. My hybrid tee shot into the wind wasn't long, and neither were the next two. My attempt to put the next on the green was short and went left. I pitched on with the pitching wedge but was again a way from the pin, three-putting for a total of 8, a nett double bogey, which spoilt my run of scoring on every hole. A disappointing way to finish.

52 shots, 14 points and 16 putts wasn't a bad outcome, especially as there were two 3-putts. It won't lower my handicap, but at least it wasn't a disgrace.

However, I'm still not getting off the tee consistently and this means that I'm always trying to recover ground.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 10 October 2016

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