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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 11/04/17

I played with Helen today and one of her friends. To be sociable I joined them on the ladies' red tees. Although on some holes the two tee positions aren't that far apart, on others it makes a great deal of difference. It was an interesting change if nothing else.
Hole 2 - 11 April 2017
The 1st started brilliantly with a 150 yard hybrid off the tee and a second of almost the same length. An 8-iron pitch then put me on the green but I spoiled things somewhat with three putts for a 6. But a good start nevertheless.

I had a safe tee shot on the 2nd, hit left to avoid the ditch to the right, and then put my next hybrid shot through the green. I chipped back on and single putted for a par 4.

On the 3rd I put my tee shot in the bunker but played out well, just going off the back of the green. I chipped on and two-putted for a 5.

The 4th was a bit haphazard. My tee shot went into trees to the right. A 7-iron sideways safety shot got me back on the fairway, from where I played two more hybrid shots to just off the green. I stubbed the chip in the long grass, chipped on at the second attempt and then two-putted for an 8.

A sliced tee shot on the 5th fortuitously ended up between the two bunkers. A pitch on and two putts for a 4. On the 6th, after a good length tee shot that was unfortunately a bit too far to the right, I tried to loft over the willow with my 8-iron. I thinned it and miraculously the ball shot through a gap between the willow and other trees to come to rest just off the green. My 7-iron chip-and-run was short and then I needed three putts to finish for a 6.

The 7th didn't start that well with a badly hit tee shot that only made 70 yards. But two good hybrids and a 9-iron got me on the green for 4, and a single putt gave me a 5. The 8th wasn't quite as good. I had a good tee shot but then had an awful hybrid shot that skewed left and only made 40 yards. The next one was better and I then pitched to just off the green with my 8-iron. I putted on and two-putted for a 7.

The 9th wasn't good. Off the red tee the lake was in play and I found it. I recovered the ball and dropped a distance back from the water hazard. A reasonable hybrid recovered some ground but then trying to loft a 9-iron shot over trees I miss-hit and the ball skewed left going only about 20 yards. I put the next shot right of the green, then thinned the chip and had to put back on from the other side of the green. Now on 8, I two-putted for a 10.

The 10th wasn't too bad. After three hybrids I pitched on with the 8-iron and single-putted for a 5. The 11th was even better. A 163 yard hybrid tee shot was followed by another hybrid shot of 152 yards, which unfortunately ended up in the bunker. I got out well and the ball settled just off the green, from where I putted on and single-putted for a 5.

Another good drive on the 12th left me with the possibility of getting on in two, but the shot wasn't clean and I then pitched just short of the green. I putted on and two-putted for a 6. On the 13th I rather luckily crept past the fairway bunker with a long tee shot. From where I was my next shot could have reached the green, but it was short. My pitch went left of the green from where I chipped on and single-putted for 5.

A long second shot on the 14th almost made the green but settled to the left of it. I chipped on well but the undulating green cost me three putts for a 6. On the 15th, from the red tee three good hybrid shots took me to the back of the green on this long par 5. I then muffed a gentle pitch (too gentle), putted on and single-putted for a 6.

I was well short on the 16th and needed two pitches to get just off the green. A putt on and two putts for a 6 on this par 3. My tee shot on the 17th went wildly right giving me little chance to get to the green in two. I did manage it with my third, just clearing the long lateral bunker that protects this green. I putted on then two-putted for a 6.

I was on the green for 3 on the 18th but a long way from the pin. Three putts robbed me of an impressive finish as I finished with a 6.

So it was a 55 out and a 51 back. I didn't record Stableford points as I had played off the red tees. Despite a few bad shots I felt that I had played reasonably well. Perhaps the two 18 hole rounds up in the north-east had sharpened me up a bit. It was a relaxing round with no pressure from behind, and nobody holding us up in front.

Scorecard - 11 April 2017

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