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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 11/08/16

Golf two days running - most unusual. Today was my normal Thursday outing with my friend who's also a Bob. I was still feeling a bit washed out after all the coughing and sneezing of the last week, pushing the trolly being a bit more of an effort than usual.

Today I had the 3-wood and 5-wood in the bag, the driver having been left in the garage. I rushed my shot a bit on the 1st as we had jumped in an apparently vacant tee-time, but having done so a group were seen coming up to the tee. I got under the ball with the 5-wood lofting it into the trees on the left. It wasn't a bad distance, 152 yards, but I had to play out using my 20 degree hybrid to keep the shot low through the trees. This was successful and I then hit a long 5-wood allowing me to put an 8-iron onto the green. After yesterday's under-hit putt, today I got close to the pin and putted in for 6, a nett par. Not bad considering the shaky start.

On the second I went too far left with the hybrid and expected to find the ball well into the trees. I must have got a lucky rebound as we found it not too far in, from where a nice low 7-iron took me to about 40 yards from the green. An 8-iron pitch and one putt for a par 4, nett birdie. The good run continued on the 3rd, where my hybrid landed right of the green allowing a 7-iron chip-and-run and one putt for 3, another par and nett birdie.

After yesterday's disaster at the 4th surely it couldn't happen again. Well, it wasn't quite as bad, but it wasn't good. I took a shorter tee for my 5-wood to try to lower the trajectory. Unfortunately I was high on the ball and it only went 56 yards. Normally I would recover with the next shot but I managed to do almost the same again with the 5-wood, adding only 45 yards. I then managed a clean hit for 165 yards, leaving me like yesterday with either a ridiculously short lay-up shot, or a challenging shot over the edge of the lake. I tried the longer shot but sliced badly and we all thought it had gone out of bounds through the trees. I played a provisional, which did exactly what I wanted the first shot to do, landing just off the green. However, when I walked up to see if I could find my first ball, there it was on the edge of the trees, having obviously rebounded out. I played a low 7-iron to miss the overhanging branches, too good as it turned out as it went through the green. I putted back on then putted in for 8, a blob but in the circumstances probably as much as I could have hoped for.

Hitting into the wind on the 5th I went into the bunker that sits in front of the green. I got out with my gap wedge, putted on from the fringe and then two-putted for 5, a nett bogey.

The 5-wood tee shot on the 6th wasn't long but I hit a good hybrid second to get on the edge of the green. Two putts for a 4 gave me a nett birdie.

The 7th didn't start well with me trying the 3-wood off the tee, which sliced badly right. I then had a challenging shot over trees that didn't quite come off but left me in a reasonable lie, from where another hybrid shot put me about 35 yards from the green. I took the gap wedge but hit ground before the ball, leaving me short of the green. A little 9-iron chip got me on and two putts a 7, nett bogey.

The 8th started well, like yesterday, with two good 5-woods. Unfortunately the next hybrid drifted right into the bunker and it took me two to get out, the gap wedge shot hitting the lip and the sand wedge only just making it. A 7-iron chip-and-run and two putts for 8 was a nett double bogey.

I again lofted the 5-wood off the tee on the 9th but got out of the rough with a good hybrid shot, which was followed by a 5-wood that scraped past the trees on the right to leave me a clean approach to the green. My 8-iron was a bit short so I putted on and then sank a longish putt for 6, a nett par, which was more than acceptable.

Today it was 51 shots and 15 points, with only 14 putts. An 8 at both the 4th and the 8th really didn't help. I need more practice with my 5-wood off the tee, will perhaps forget about the 3-wood for the time being as it seems more temperamental, and I must improve my ability to get out of bunkers.

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Scorecard - 11 August 2016

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