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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 11/07/17

I played the Manor course today and things didn't go that well. It was a fresher day than of late with rain threatening, and quite a strong breeze was evident on the less sheltered holes. I like the Manor course but it demands accuracy, being generally quite narrow with plenty of trees to welcome stray balls. Today I wasn't accurate and I paid the price.

On the now shorter 1st I found the bunker on the right and took two to get to the green. With two putts it was a nett bogey 5.

I went into the right side trees on the 2nd and played an air shot on my first attempt to get out from under low branches. The next didn't clear the trees but I managed to get clear with the third. A pitching wedge to the green and two putts for a nett bogey 7.

I cleared the lake and put the ball on the green on the 3rd, but the putt was very long and I needed three for a nett par 4.

My third shot on the 4th was poor and I then put the next in long grass to the right of the green. The pitch was too firm going off the far side of the green. I pitched back on and single-putted for a nett par 7.

My tee shot on the 5th went right into heavy undergrowth. It took me two shots to get out and a lob wedge onto the green. With two-putts it was a blobbed 6.

Having played the long 5th well last week, today things didn't work out. The tee shot was short and right. I then put the next too close to the lake and it rolled down the bank into the water and was lost. A drop and an 8-iron from the poor lie still left me a lot to do. My next hybrid was 170 yards, which redeemed things a bit, and I then pitched onto the green from about 60 yards. Two putts for a nett bogey 8.

The 7th was a disaster. The tee shot went right and fortunately hit the trunk of a tree to bounce back onto the course. I then put the next one into trees and heavy rough, finding the ball resting in the foliage of a thistle bush. I had to drop and pitch out. I was thin on the pitching wedge with the next shot, which caught the bunker lip and dropped back in. A sand wedge out and then three putts left me with a blobbed 9.

On the 8th I went well to the left, and then pitched from there across the green, needing another chip back on. Two putts for a nett bogey 5.

My good drive on the 9th last week wasn't to be repeated. Today I went into the heavy rough on the left. A bold lob wedge out, necessary to get over trees right in front of me, set me up for an 8-iron to the green. I was too far right and ended up in longish grass. I then messed up the first lob wedge attempt, the second making the green, but the ball rolled to the lower tier of this two-level green. Two-putts finished it for a nett bogey 7.

With 58 shots, 19 putts and only 9 points this was a round best forgotten.

Scorecard - 11 July 2017

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