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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 11/05/17

At last, a round without any complete melt-downs. A few mistakes, certainly, but by and large I kept things together.

It was a much milder day, with an occasional breeze that wasn't any trouble. Play was again slow, with waits on most tees up until we reached the 7th, when the groups finally spread out a bit.

I got away on the 1st without any problems. The second shot wasn't that long but I then hit a good third, albeit it strayed left and I was fortunate it hit a fence post at the side of the lake, otherwise it would have gone in. I pitched up but was long, needing two putts to get down for a nett par 6. Not a bad start.

The 2nd was probably the most untidy hole. I miss-hit the tee shot sending it into the trees on the left, but it was a reasonable length. I pitched out with the 7-iron to the centre of the fairway. My next hybrid unfortunately found the left bunker. I got out but it was almost like a shank, ending up on the green but a long way from the pin. I needed three putts to get down, giving me a blobbed 7. It turned out to be my only blob, but after going in the trees, and needing to play out of a bunker, I suppose I can't complain at a 7.

On the 3rd my tee shot was pin high but drifted right into the rough. My pitch was short, needing two putts to finish. But as I now get two shots on this hole I finished with a nett birdie 4.

I got my 5-wood out for the tee shot on the 4th and was high on the ball. It ended up near the ladies' tee. The next hybrid recovered some distance and following this I managed to keep out of the trees to the right with another hybrid. My 8-iron pitch was short as it clipped a branch, but I could putt on and then two-putted for a nett bogey 7.

I put the ball on the green with my 158 yard tee shot on the 5th. Unfortunately the pin was on the other side of the green, but a good first putt and a nicely read second gave me a nett par 4.
Holes 7 & 8 - 11 May 2017
I again miss-hit my 5-wood tee shot on the 7th, making only 85 yards. The next hybrid was, however, well hit adding 164 yards. My third was short of the green and a bit right, from where I pitched on and single-putted for a nett birdie 5. Not bad after a poor tee shot.

I took my 20 degree hybrid on the 8th, but didn't make good contact and had yet another short start at 106 yards. The next hybrid, however, made 155 yards, and then I hit the same club again and actually put the ball on the green. To be on the green in 3 after such a poor tee shot was a surprise. It was a bit embarrassing, as my ball rolled up onto the green before the two ball in front had left! I apologised.

I adopted a slightly different strategy on the 9th tee. I had been hitting my 20 degree hybrid club well off the ground, but less consistently off the tee. I decided, therefore, to take a shorter red tee instead of the blue tee I had been using. It may have been a fluke, but the tee shot was 171 yards. This matches what I would hope to get from the 5-wood. I'll have to wait until next time to see if taking the red tee gives a more consistent performance with this club off the tee. If it does, I'll continue to take the hybrid in preference to the 5-wood. Back to the 9th, I then took the hybrid again and had another good shot at 169 yards, although it went a bit too far right putting trees between me and the pin. I tried to loft over the trees with my 27 degree hybrid. The loft was fine, but the direction wasn't. I ended up far left of the green in trees. I pitched on with my 8-iron but was a bit long, needing two putts to finish with a nett par 6.

I was pleased with today. The final total was 49 shots, 18 putts and 17 points. Most of my hybrid shots were good but the 5-wood again proved troublesome off the tee. I'll leave it in the bag but am going to persevere with the hybrid as an alternative. I've shown that I can match the 5-wood for distance with the hybrid and generally speaking it's more reliable.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 11 May 2017

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