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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 11/10/18

Another day and another disappointing round. The score wasn't outlandish but there were just too many bad shots. My driving is holding up but the mid-fairway shots are unpredictable and the shorter irons frustratingly bad. But the weather was once again amazing for mid October, although the wind did play a part.

The 1st started well, with a safe drive and two reasonable hybrid shots, although the second of those did stray a little too close to the lake on the left. I then was short with what should have been an easy pitch, needing to tap back on with an iron. Two putts a nett bogey 7 that could easily have been a par 5. For once I got the drive right on the 2nd, starting to the left and coming round to mid fairway, making 192 yards in the process. I then pitched on for 2, but three-putted for a nett par 5.

I went right on the 3rd, requiring a low 'under-the-branches' 7-iron to get on the green. It was long but I managed to get down in 2 for a nett birdie 4. The 4th is where it really went all wrong. The drive was great, 191 yards onto the left-side of the fairway. I then completely muffed a 7-iron sending the ball left and nearly reaching a laurel bush. I had to play out sideways, which left me about 150 yards form the green. I took my hybrid but miss-hit the shot, the ball going right and heading for out-of-bounds. But it hit a tree and stayed in. I was lucky to get a low 6-iron shot out, from where I chipped on and two-putted for 8, a blob. Fortunately the 5th wasn't quite as bad. My hybrid tee shot curved right but missed all the hazards, leaving me a chip on and two putts for a nett par 4.

After a not-so-good drive on the 6th I hit a good hybrid and then pitched on, just missing the par with my first putt but tapping in the next for a nett par 5. I made the green in 3 on the longish 7th thanks to a good 8-iron approach. I then three-putted, which spoilt things a bit, leaving me with a nett par 6. The 8th didn't go as well. My drive was to the left leaving me with the problem of avoiding the left-side trees while not going too far right towards the lake. I was over cautious with regard to the lake and in fact hit the branches of one of the trees, the ball dropping only 50 yards in front of me. The next hybrid shot left me a chance for the green, but I was well short, needing another pitch on. Three putts then completed the embarrassment for a blobbed 8.

So could I redeem things on the 9th? I hit a long drive, too long as it happened as the ball rolled into the dry bed of the lake. I took a drop and completely miss-hit my hybrid, sending the ball left into the fairway bunker. I got out cleanly with my pitching wedge and then hit a reasonable hybrid, leaving me a pitch to the green, which I made. One putt for a nett bogey 7 provided a little bit of solace after the bunker mishap and some earlier disappointments.

I came in on 54 but with 20 putts, which didn't help things and reflects my poor chipping with the ball often left a three-putt distance from the hole. My point score was 13, which again seems to be around my norm at the moment.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 11 October 2018

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