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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 12/01/16

Another Tuesday game today, this time as a nine-hole two-ball with Helen. The course is still very wet and the men are playing off temporary tees, some of which are not much better than muddy patches. I played off the red tees with Helen. In these conditions we are only practising so the advantage I get isn't really an issue, and it's largely offset by the ground conditions.

I was really quite pleased with my game today. I parred three holes, the 3rd and 5th (par 3s) and the par 4, 6th. However, the 1st didn't start off too well as I put my tee shot into the trees on the left. Having dropped clear of standing water, a poorly hit 8-iron put me back on the fairway, but with little added distance. The next two shots were good, taking me on to the green, but three putts for a gross 7 wasn't a good finish.

The second could have been great, but a shank added one shot, and two putts left me with a gross 6.

I miss-hit my tee shot on the 4th but recovered well to be about 50 yards from the green for 3. Unfortunately a thin iron shot skipped over the long green, needing a chip back on and two putts for a 7. I get two shots on this hole so it was a nett 5.

My second shot on the 7th was thin and, in the absence of any loft, only made just over 50 yards through the wet grass. The third was much better at just under 150 yards, leaving me with a short pitch, and then two putts for 6, a nett par.

I had three fairly clean shots on the 8th, followed by a pitch onto the green for 4. Unfortunately three putts left me with a 7, a nett 5.

At this point I was on 43 shots and 15 Stableford points. A reasonable 9th could have resulted in a good nine holes, but it wasn't to be. A strong left to right wind left my tee shot close to and in front of the lake on the right. It was a fairly straightforward shot over the lake but I completely miss-hit it into the water on the far side. I dropped for a penalty and hit the next one well, only to see it roll into the fairway bunker on the left about 120 yards away.

I had to take a free drop in the bunker as it was almost full of water. I just managed a drop that allowed me a stance clear of the water. A reasonable 8-iron got me well clear, but a bit too far right to give me a clear line for the next shot. Trying to avoid trees on my right I put the next too far left into the trees by the 1st tee. The lie there wasn't great and low willow branches required a shot almost along the ground. This I did but it stopped well short of the green. I was now on 7 and pitched on for 8, only to completely foul things up with a three putt, ending with an inglorious 11!

Such a pity really as even a 7 on the par 5, 9th would have give me a point, for a total of 16. This would have been very respectable considering the conditions.

Here's the scorecard from Game Golf:

Scorecard - 12 January 2016

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