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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 12/01/17

I did play yesterday but it was a disaster. The forecast was for rain and possibly snow so I had originally decided not to play, but my friend Bob talked me into it. As it happens I should have stayed at home. It was very cold and fortunately despite having an 11.15 tee time we were able to get off early as nobody turned up for earlier times.

After a reasonable tee shot on the 1st my game gradually fell apart. I ended up with an 8 on the 1st, which still earned me an undeserved point. My tee shot on the 2nd was appalling, ending up behind a conifer, which I hit with my next shot, the ball dropping under the tree and requiring a backhand flip to clear it. I ended up with a 9 on this short par 4. On the 3rd my nett par 4 was a bit better although the tee shot was again poor. Another fluffed tee shot on the 4th, and an excursion into the trees left me with a 7, which in the circumstances wasn't actually that bad. Another 7 on the 5th after yet another poor tee shot and I was ready to give up.

The 6th was in fact a bit better although the first drops of rain were felt. I managed a nett par 5. On the 7th a 5 also gave me a nett par but the rain was starting to get heavier and I decided to call it a day and walk back to the clubhouse. I've never done that before but I felt my game had been so bad that getting wet to finish the 9 holes just wasn't worth it. I had clocked up 46 shots on 7 holes but it was the fact that I had made so many bad shots that made up my mind not to continue. Let's hope next Monday is better.

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