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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 12/07/18

I don't want to say this too loudly, but things seem to be looking up a bit for my golf. After a 45 on 2 July, I almost repeated it today, but my poor par 3 scores made it a 47. Still, by my standards this was exceptional. I've started carrying with a reduced club set, mainly to save having to get a trolly and trolly bag in my small car. But perhaps using fewer clubs allows me to become more familiar with each of them, and think a bit more about each shot. Who knows?

A good drive off the 1st was followed by a less than good hybrid. Playing after a drop from the path I hit a good 6-iron and followed this with an 8-iron that ran off the back right of the green. The pin was, however, towards the back of the green, and an 8-iron 'putt' dropped in, giving me an unexpected par and nett birdie. I managed not to make too much of a mess of the 2nd. My second shot went right and left me with a pitch over the bunker, a shot that went badly wrong on Tuesday. This time it was more controlled and with two putts I had a nett par 5.

I sliced right on the short 3rd, leaving me an awkward shot that I needed to keep low under willow branches. This I did, but I was short, needing a putt on. Two more putts for a nett par 5, but effectively at least one shot thrown away. The 4th was almost a carbon copy of the par I had a week ago. This time, however, although I was on the green for 3, I needed two putts for a nett birdie 5.

I took the driver on the 5th, selecting a higher tee to try to gain more loft and limit run-through should I hit the green. It didn't quite work as the ball did run-through, but an 8-iron 'putt' back and two putts left me with a nett par 4. After a long drive on the 6th I put the hybrid shot left, the ball luckily settling on the mound behind the bunker. My pitch was short but I then putted on well, leaving a single putt for a nett par 5.

The 7th was a bit disappointing as after a good drive, a hybrid and 8-iron I was on the green. Putting for a par I didn't want to be short, but overdid it and was long, leaving a difficult putt back. I missed it and ended up three-putting for a nett par 6, a waste after reaching the green for 3. The 8th was better. After a drive and two good hybrids I was on the green. This time I two-putted for a nett birdie 5.

Things were looking good so all I needed to do was keep things together on the 9th. The drive went left into rough. I played out well with a hybrid but pushed the ball over to the right-hand rough. I then didn't hit the next hybrid very well, pushing the ball behind the trees on the right. I attempted a loft over the trees with my pitching wedge, but looking up I thinned the ball sending it only 35 yards along the ground. It was, however, clear of the trees, and although the next 8-iron shot was also thin, it conveniently covered 120 yards along the ground, ending up just off the back of the green. A good long putt on allowed me a single putt finish for a nett bogey 7. Not great, but it was enough to maintain a good end score of 47 with 15 putts and 20 Stableford points.

Can it last?

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