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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course- 13/08/18

Monday is practice day, so today I thought I would use my 6-iron in place of my 23 degree hybrid for fairway shots. I had hit a long 6-iron on a previous outing and I was hoping to reduce the number of bodged shots with this alternative approach. It didn't work. I made as many if not more poor shots with the 6-iron, culminating in high scores on the final three holes after a very promising start.

Conditions were good. The ground is now a bit softer after recent rain and there was virtually no wind. We had a bit of light rain but it only lasted about 15 minutes. So no excuses!

After a safe if short drive on the1st, I took a hybrid but hit a poor shot. This was the moment I decided to switch to the 6-iron, and the next shot with this club was certainly better. I was then a bit thin on my 8-iron but the result was good, putting me on the green with a possible par putt. I needed two, but it was still a nett par 6. Another safe drive on the 2nd was again followed by a poor 6-iron, but I then reached the green on this short par 4 with my 8-iron. Two putts for a net par 5.

I took my driver on the par 3, 3rd, but didn't reach the green. A decent chip on was followed by two putts for a net birdie 4. The perilous 4th didn't cause me too many difficulties. The drive was good but the following 6-iron was very poor. I then played an 8-iron up to the narrow approach between the lake on the left and trees on the right. An 8-iron pitch on was followed by two putts for a net par 6. I took a hybrid off the tee on the short 5th but didn't have a clean strike, the ball remaining some 40 yards short of the green. A pitch on and two putts gave me a net par 4.

Another safe drive on the 6th was once again followed by a poor 6-iron. A thinned pitching wedge got me to the green but not in the way I intended. Two putts for a net par 5. At this point I had net parred five holes and net birdied one, but things were to start going wrong. My shortish drive on the 7th was followed by three poor 6-irons, after which I was still some 65 yards from the green. Playing over the bunker I was too strong and went off the back of the green. I putted on and then two-putted but the total was now a blobbed 8.

The 8th wasn't any better. The drive went into the right-side rough from where I hit a 6-iron that sent the ball close to the lake on the right, and on landing the bounce sent it that way. The ball was in the thick vegetation at the edge of the lake so I took a penalty drop. The next 6-iron was good but I sent the ball left, again into rough. Because of low branches to the front I played a low 6-iron, which did what I wanted but was short of the green. A chip on and two putts for another blobbed 8.

And so things continued on the 9th. The drive put me in light rough to the left, from where my first 6-iron was virtually an air shot, just touching the ball. The next was good but I then tried a 4-iron to make up ground. It didn't work as the shot was heavy. I reverted to the 6-iron but was still short of the green. A pitch on and two putts for, once again, a blobbed 8, although this time on a par 5.

Today was a disappointment. My stroke-play score over the first 6 holes was 30, an average of 5, and I scored 13 points, bettering my handicap. I then ruined what could have been a good round by taking 8 on each of the last three holes. My final stroke total was 54, which to be fair is familiar territory for me. I think it will be back to the hybrids on my next outing, since while the 6-iron has great potential it's clear that I'm having trouble capitalising on it.

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Scorecard - 13 August 2018

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