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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Coures - 13/10/16

It was just my friend Bob and me today so I decided to experiment a bit. Firstly I consigned the 5-wood to the bag, the Driver and 3-wood already being at home in the garage. I used my 20 degree hybrid off the tee for the longer holes. I had also put a metal 4-iron in the bag for lies that weren't favourable for my 4-iron hybrid equivalent.

It was cold and rain threatened at times, accompanied by a gusty wind, but all in all conditions weren't too bad. After heavy rain in the night the ground was wet and soft but it was only in the longer grass that this caused any issues.

A nice straight hybrid on the 1st set me up in the middle of the fairway, followed by a couple more leaving me with a pitching iron to the green, which was a shade short. I putted on and then two putted for a nett bogey 7. So it wasn't too bad a start.

On the 2nd, being careful to avoid the right hand ditch put me in the trees on the left. A gentle pitch out with the 8-iron put me in the middle of the fairway and the hybrid that followed was on a good line but stopped short of the green. A 7-iron chip and one putt for a nett par 5.

My tee shot was short on the 3rd putting me in the bunker. The sand was wet and heavy so I decided to use the gap wedge and try to pick the ball off the surface. This worked a bit too well sending the ball off the back of the green. A putt on and one putt in gave me a nett par 4.

My tee shot went right on the 4th but not seriously so. A hybrid out the long grass wasn't that long but I put the next hybrid in an ideal spot to pitch to the green. My 7-iron went left and hit the path, causing it to run to the edge of the lake where it was in an awkward lie. I jabbed out with the gap wedge but the ball flew out and ended up in long grass off the far side of the green. A 7-iron out of there was short and I then needed two putts for nett double bogey 8. Disappointing after a reasonably good approach.

I went in another bunker on the 5th and was up against the front face. I took the sand wedge and got out, but there was only a thin layer of sand over clay. I think this twisted the club in my hand causing the ball to go right and off the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a nett bogey 5, similar to on the 3rd.

The 6th hybrid tee shot was long and another hybrid made the green but rolled off the back. A 7-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 5.

I was just off the green on the 7th after three hybrid shots and chipped on with the 8-iron. Two putts for a nett par 6.

This far things hadn't been going too badly, but unfortunately the last two holes were not good. After two hybrids on the 8th I was behind the lake at about the 150 yard marker. The lie wasn't ideal for a hybrid so I tried the 4-iron. It did the job and I only needed to pitch about 25 yards to the green. I took the gap wedge but decelerated on the shot, with the inevitable result that the ball didn't go very far. I took the same club again and still managed not to reach the green. A putt on and two putts resulted in a nett double bogey 8, all down to poor play onto the green.

I had a good tee shot on the 9th with my mid-range hybrid. The intention was not to reach the lake, and this worked. The next hybrid shot wasn't clean and the following one was miss-hit, running along the ground into long grass that soon stopped it. I got out but was short of the green and well to the right of it. I had only had four shots so this shouldn't have been too bad. However, my pitching wedge went left, leaving me a long putt, which I overplayed. I also was a bit too strong on the return, and then missed the next putt as well. I ended up four-putting, a very rare event thank goodness, but the result was a nett triple bogey 9. A very sad way to end.

Yet again a few bad holes spoilt things but I did try out a few things and by sticking with the hybrid off the tee managed 71% fairway accuracy. Although I only used the 4-iron once it performed well and will stay in the bag.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 13 October 2016

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