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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 14/08/17

So today was the day to try out my new irons. Unfortunately it was also the day that I couldn't seem to hit my hybrids, let alone my irons. Golf is the most frustrating game on Earth. For months I left my driver out of the bag because it was too wayward. Having recently put it back in, I'm now driving quite well, and today was a very good driver day. I drove all the holes, including the two par 3s, and didn't have one shot in trouble. A couple were just off the fairway but perfectly playable. But the hybrids and the irons were rubbish.

I found the feel of the forged heads on the new irons entirely different to the Callaway Steelheads that I had been using. They felt 'softer', not seeming to impart as much impact for a given driving force. This resulted generally in my underplaying of shots. No doubt I will get used to them.

On the 1st the ball settled close to the path. I took a drop to avoid standing on the path, which was lower than the grass. Unfortunately the ball rolled into a depression, so I took my new 7-iron rather than the hybrid. The result wasn't great, as I didn't get behind the ball. I then hit a lacklustre hybrid, again not getting behind the ball. The next was better and I pitched on from there with my wedge, but was again thin. However, the ball made the edge of the green almost pin high. I puttedIon and single-putted for a nett bogey 7, not bad considering the haphazard start.

A longish drive on the 2nd set me up for a pitch to the green, but I underplayed my new pitching wedge and needed another to get on. Two putts for a nett par 5.

I drove the green on the 3rd, against a slight headwind. Two putts for a par, a nett eagle on this hole since the index has been reassigned.

The 4th was a complete disaster, and not for the first time. The drive was good, but I pushed my next hybrid shot right onto the bank the projects into the fairway. I tried to loft the ball out of the long grass with the pitching wedge, hoping for the fairway, but I in fact shanked it over the bank and under a conifer. I tried tapping the ball out with my 7-iron but didn't clear the tree overhang. The next tap was more forceful, causing the ball to run across the fairway and into the lake opposite, although I was surprised it got that far given the awkward shot I played. A penalty drop and I then put the next up onto the bank to the right of the green. My pitch from there was long, going off the back of the green. An 8-iron chip back on and one putt left me with an inglorious 10. For scoring purposes the round was over at this point.

The 5th was better. I took the driver and made the green, but the ball rolled off to the right. An 8-iron chip-and-run and two putts for a nett par 4.

Another reasonable drive on the 6th was followed by yet another topped hybrid that pushed the ball into the bunker. I got out but needed another pitch to the green for 4, then two putts for a nett bogey 6.

Once again the drive was good on the 7th but the following two hybrids weren't. However, I managed to pitch on for 4 and two-putt for a nett par 6.

After another OK drive my second shot on the 8th rolled into the vegetation around the water hazard. I took a penalty drop and put the next hybrid shot within pitching distance of the green. But my pitching wedge shot was woefully short, however, and I had to chip up with the 8-iron. Two putts for a blobbed 8.

On the 9th my drive was once again good, settling mid-fairway alongside the lake. The next hybrid was awful, going left and placing trees between me and a line to the green. I tried a lofted 8-iron but only succeeded in pushing the ball along the ground into the bunker. I got out and then hit a hybrid up to the side of the next lake, where I shanked my pitching wedge, needing another to get on the green for 7. Two putts left me with a 9.

I was very disappointed with the outcome today. The start was reasonable over the first three holes, but the 4th finished any hope of a decent round. The poor shots with the hybrids, which are usually the clubs I can rely on, and the irons, were very frustrating. I ended up with 58 and 12 points, only the putting stats being worth talking about at 15.

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Scorecard - 14 July 2017

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