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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 15/08/17

After yesterday's abject performance I decided to join Helen today and play 18 holes with her and one of our female friends. To be sociable I went off the red tees with the women, which gives an entirely different perspective to many of the holes, and makes them easier of course. I also scored against the women's hole index numbers for the purpose of Stableford points. My driving continued to hold up and I managed to pull my hybrid and iron shots together, although there were still a few bad ones. Today's problems were mainly around the greens, where on a number of occasions a superb approach was thrown away by some terrible chipping or putting.

A good drive on the 1st crossed the path into the longer grass on the other side. With trees to the front I took an 8-iron back onto the fairway. A hybrid then put me just off the green to the right, from where I putted on and two-putted for 6, a nett par.

On the 2nd I clipped the large tree to the left of the fairway but the ball went through and still made 167 yards. My 8-iron was short and I chipped again with it, two-putting for a nett par 5.

The 3rd is a much shorter hole off the red tee position. I used my 27 degree hybrid but was short and right. I fluffed the 8-iron chip but got on with the second attempt. A single putt gave me a nett birdie 4.

The 4th lived up to its reputation as a very difficult hole. A good drive of 194 yards left me with a chance to reach the green in 2. But I sliced the hybrid and ended up in the trees to the right, lucky not to run out of bounds. I chipped down off the higher ground with the 6-iron to keep the shot low under trees, then pitched on but the ball ran off the back of the green. I putted on and single-putted for a nett par 6, which wasn't bad considering my excursion into the trees.

My hybrid went left on the 5th, the ball ending up on a ridge, sitting in bare earth. The combination of a poor lie and my lack of ability sent a gap wedge shot right across the wide green into long grass on the other side. I chipped back with the 8-iron and then two-putted for a nett par 5. ( The women get 2 shots on this hole, whereas the men only get 1)

On the 6th I forgot that the bunker comes into play for me off the women's tee, and I found it. I played a good shot out with my pitching wedge, leaving me just short of the green. A putt on and two-putts on the green gave me a nett par 5.

I grounded the club driving off the 7th tee and only made 120 yards. A good hybrid after that left me within pitching distance, the ball rolling off the right of the green. An 8-iron back and one putt for a nett birdie 5.

At 193 yards my drive on the 8th nearly found the lake, which is out of reach for me off the men's tee. A hybrid then left me with a pitch to the green, but I was a bit short. I putted on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

Things had gone well up to now but I made a bit of a mess of the 9th. The drive was good but the next shot put me right with trees to carry if I wanted to go for the green. I took my 7-iron but, as is often the case when I have a challenging shot, I looked up during the stroke and had an air-shot. I made the shot with the next attempt but still needed to chip on. I then played a poor chip that shanked right and needed another to get on the green. Now on 6 I needed to putt out to save a point, but took 2 for a blobbed 8.

So it was 50 shots out with 15 putts, and 18 points scored against the women's hole index ratings. This was a nett par score of 37 as the women's par is 37 out and 36 back, the 8th being a par 5 for them.

A drive, a hybrid and a pitch on the 10th green for 3, and two putts for a nett birdie 5.

The 11th was perhaps the saddest of the round. I hit a long drive and then a long hybrid putting me just off the front of the green for 2. I then thinned a pitching wedge sending the ball across the green into long grass. A totally fluffed gap wedge with grass between the club face and the ball only got me to just off the green. I had to putt on and take two more putts to finish with 7, a nett bogey, but nothing short of a crime considering where my second shot ended up.
Hole 12 - 15 August 2017
The drive on the 12th was I think the longest of the day at 199 yards. I then put my 8-iron shot on the green, only to three-putt for a nett par 5. Another wasted approach.

If the 12th was bad, the 13th was worse. A good drive and second left me a simple pitch to the green. But it was over the bunker, and I took my lob wedge to avoid running on across the green. I got under the ball with the wedge, lobbing it up almost vertically into the bunker. I used the lob wedge again out of the bunker, again hoping to limit the run on the green, but I thinned it this time running off the far side; exactly what I was trying to avoid. Now on 5, my 8-iron chip nearly went in, the ball crossing the cup but lipping out. So it was a nett bogey 7. This is the index 1 hole for the women.

I grounded the club again on the 14th tee making only 126 yards. My next hybrid was good on this fairly short par 4, leaving a short chip onto the undulating green. Two putts for a nett par 5.

On the long 15th the women's tee gives you nearly 100 yards advantage, and with a drive of 195 yards I was well placed after my first shot. My next hybrid wasn't that good, just missing the fairway bunker that I expected to clear easily. The next got me about 10 yards from the green, where I proceeded to thin an 8-iron chip across into the long grass on the other side. Déja vu! I then fluffed the next short chip, leaving a long putt. But I needed two for a nett par 7.

The 16th was ridiculous. I was short and then dug in with my pitching wedge, leaving me still short. I then thinned the gap wedge sending the ball yards past the other side of the green. I pitched back up, the shot looking fine from my stance below the elevated green, but in fact the ball had run off again. I putted on and two-putted for a ridiculous blobbed 7 on this par 3. Only my second blob of the round.

After my drive, a well-placed hybrid and a pitch, I was left with a longish putt on the 17th. I needed three for a nett par 6.

The women again get a fair advantage on the 18th, nearly 60 yards, with the lake taken out of play. My drive was straight but a bit too far to the left, the ball ending up with trees obstructing the line to the green. I played out avoiding the trees and then pitched on for 3, two-putting for a birdie 5.

The back 9 was 54, with 15 points, but with 20 putts. I three-putted three times in fact. If I had been able to match my putting score on the front 9, I would have completed the full round in one under par nett. But it was the women's course, so the achievement wouldn't have been quite as memorable. As it was I had a nett 77. I was pleased that my approach play had recovered after yesterday's poor showing, but the play around the greens really let me down. Sadly I didn't have one true par.

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Scorecard - 15 August 2017

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