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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 15/12/16

Back to the golf course after a two-week break. Sometimes a break can be good, but I regret to report that my game hasn't changed that much. It was the usual story, some good shots but also many bad ones.

The 3-wood off the tee on the 1st at least went straight on its way to reaching a meagre 120 yards. The next hybrid was thick on the soft ground and only added another 100 yards. The next was better but I then put what should have been a simple 8‑iron pitch onto the bank to the right. My 9-iron then went to the left of the green, rolling through the bunker to rest on the downslope of the bunker edge. The gap wedge was supposed to chip it out of this awkward lie but instead ran it through the bunker, the ball flipping over the bunker lip and coming to rest only a few feet from the hole - lucky. A single putt for 7 and a nett bogey.

A hybrid tee shot on the 2nd went wildly left, to be found under a conifer tree. A 'unplayable' drop allowed me to make a good hybrid shot to within 50 yards of the green. A 9-iron pitch and two putts for a nett bogey 6.

Another bit of luck on the 3rd. The hybrid tee shot stopped just short of the bunker, from where a gentle 9-iron chip left me with a putt for par, which I made.

Luck ran out on the 4th. A good 3-wood tee shot went left into rough but left me with a good lie. My hybrid shot was 150 yards and placed me about 130 yards from the green. Unfortunately the next hybrid went right (trying to avoid the lake to the left) and was found just out of bounds. I took a two-shot penalty rather than walking back to replay the shot. A low 7-iron put me on the green and two putts gave me an 8, including the two penalty shots. So it was a blob but without the penalties would have been a nett par.
Hole 6 - 15 December 2016
I went in the bunker on the 5th, played out onto the green but then took three putts for a nett bogey 5.

The 6th was a bit of a surprise. Playing into low sun I didn't see where my 3-wood drive went, although my friend Bob said it was on the fairway. At first we couldn't find it, but then spotted it a lot further forward than I had expected - 173 yards in fact. I played an 8-iron to inches off the green, putted on and then putted in for a par 4, nett birdie. My second par of the round.

My 3-wood on the 7th was low and sliced, only making 115 yards. I then hit a lovely hybrid just under 160 yards, leaving me with the possibility of getting on in three. But I didn't, as I pushed the next hybrid shot right, the ball settling on the slope at the back of the right-hand bunker. Standing with the ball way above the level of my feet I fluffed the 9-iron, but put the next one on the green. Two putts gave me a nett bogey 7 but it could have been so much better.

Having recorded 40 over the first seven holes I wasn't doing that badly on average but the 8th ruined any hope of capitalising on this. I put my second shot into the edge of the right-hand lake. I could pick the ball out as it hadn't reached the water but after a drop I shanked the the shot, the ball hitting a tree on the far side of the lake and rebounding back into it. Ball lost and another drop. The next shot got me back on the fairway but I was now on 6. A good 8-iron would have perhaps rescued something but it wasn't to be, and I needed two shots to get on the green and two putts to get down. A grand total of 10, including 2 penalties, effectively removed any hope of even a mediocre score.

I took a hybrid off the tee on the 9th and then another, each making only around 120 yards. The next one was better and left me with an 8-iron shot to the green that I played well, leaving me a par opportunity. The putt was long and wanting to make sure the shot reached the hole I actually overshot, leaving me an challenging putt back. Needless to say I missed it and ended up taking three putts for a nett par 7. A true par would have earned me 4 points!

So the outcome was 57 shots and 12 points. The 10 on the 8th and three putts on the 5th and the 9th, together added a conservative 5 shots to the round.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 15 December 2016

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