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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 15/01/16

We didn't play yesterday because of the rain, but today the sun was shining, although it was necessary to wrap up against the cold wind. My friend Bob and I played 9 holes on the Lodge Course. Having told him I had been playing off the ladies tees while our tee boxes were closed, he said he would like to give it a try.

I started very well. The tee shot was to the right of the fairway, and my second shot added nearly 150 yards, allowing me to put the third on the green, a single putt giving me a true birdie on this par 5. The cold weather had firmed up the ground a bit, but there were still a lot of soft areas.

If it wasn't for a three putt, the 2nd would have been very respectable, but I ended up with a 6.

On the 3rd, an over exuberant chip out of long grass flew across the green, requiring another chip back on, which I fluffed, leading to a 5.

Up to this point things hadn't gone too bad, but the 4th has a habit of destroying your round, and today was one of those days. My second shot went into the trees on the right, my backswing was impeded by branches, and I also needed to keep the shot under low hanging trees in front of me. The result, a non-shot of about 10 yards. Three iron shots later I was finally on the green, with two putts for an 8. What really finished me off were the poor iron shots out of the long grass, something that was going to cause me further trouble on subsequent holes.

The 5th, which I parred on Tuesday, also cost me 4 shots. The tee shot went into the righthand bunker, even though both Bob and I thought it was long enough after it left the club face. I cleared the bunker but two more duff iron shots were taken before I was on the green. Three putts then sealed my fate: an inglorious 7.

Neither of us saw where my tee shot went on the 6th because of the low sun. I took a provisional but actually found my ball in the middle of the fairway. After a decent second shot, another two poor iron shots left me with a 6 on the hole.

A duff tee shot on the 7th meant that it took me three swings to get to my approach shot, which landed to the right of the green. A chip and two putts gave me a 7.

The 8th started with a sweet 176 yard tee shot using my 5-wood, followed by a long hybrid, leaving me about 60 yards from the green. Again I needed two iron shots to get on, so with two putts it was a 6.

It was a similar story on the 9th. Three decent shots to within 50 yards of the green then two poor iron shots to get on; then two putts for a 7.

The moral of today's round is, therefore, that I need to sort out my short iron shots, as these probably cost me at least half a dozen strokes in all.

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