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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 16/02/16

Another valiant attempt to do better that came to nowt. I can't blame the weather, which was fine for February, and the course is in fair shape considering what it has had to endure this winter. We are, however, still playing off mats, which can be problematic in terms of getting the tee height right.

The 1st hole didn't go too badly, marred by a three-putt finish, although the spiked green played a part in that, leaving me three over for a gross 8. With the exception of the 8th, the remainder of the front nine wasn't too bad - two bogeys and five double bogeys. The usually tricky 4th was accomplished in 6 (nett par), with me being just off the green for 3. At the 8th a couple of lacklustre approach shots meant I didn't get on the green until my sixth shot, giving me a four-over 8 after two putts.

I was hoping to do better on the back nine, the holes generally being less punishing of wayward shots. However, it didn't start well, my third shot on the 10th putting me very close to the left side out-of-bounds adjacent to the Par 3 Course. My first attempt to hit out of the long grass went nowhere, although the next reached the green, where I two-putted for a gross 7.

After a gross 6 (nett par) on the 11th, I got gross 7s on both the 12th and 13th, in both cases because of poor iron shots to the greens. The 14th was nett parred with a 5, before completely messing up the long 15th, where my fourth shot went in the fairway bunker, requiring two attempts to get out. The next couple of shots weren't brilliant, and with two putts I ended up with a five-over gross 10.

I managed to nett par the par 3, 16th, but on both the 17th and 18th I miss-hit my tee shots. On the 17th the tee shot must have caught the edge of the club, going obliquely right into some trees just by the tee point. I then managed to hit one of the trees with my attempted clearance. It was, therefore, quite remarkable that I still reached the edge of the green for 4, only to completely overplay the chip, giving me a long putt back to the hole, plus a second putt to finish - gross 7.

The 18th tee shot wasn't quite such a disaster, but nevertheless only went about 50 yards, settling by the ladies tee point. Again I recovered to get to the green for 4, but needed three putts to finish, leaving me with another gross 7.

So, yet again, some good golf spoiled by a number of bad shots, which with a bit more care could have been avoided. In mitigation, it was getting very cold towards the end of the round, since as a four-ball we were playing relatively slowly, and I was also getting a bit tired. I'm carrying my clubs as the greens are roped off for trollies, and after four hours or so the bag tends to get a bit 'heavy'. This may be why I messed up the last two tee shots. As for the poor iron shots during the round, no excuses, as this is definitely an area for improvement.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 16 February 2016

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