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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 16/10/17

Incredibly mild weather for mid-October, all because of Hurricane Ophelia, which while playing havoc in Ireland, simply brought a very pleasant warm wind to southern Britain. A wind that nevertheless caused a few problems on the coarse, particularly where it was blowing across the approach to a hole. As for my play, well it felt worse than last Thursday (which was my return to golf after a few weeks aches and pains recuperation) but in fact I finished with one less shot. I remembered my Game Golf device this time.

The 1st was a bit haphazard. My drive was longish but again just crept into the trees on the left. I got out with my 7-iron but in avoiding the trees went across the fairway into long grass opposite. My 4-iron out wasn't spectacular and neither was the following 5-iron, but I then pitched on for 5. Unfortunately, three putts gave me a blobbed 8.

The elevated tee position on the 2nd has allowed me some long drives recently, and today I made 185 yards, which is good for me. I then thinned the pitching wedge with the ball ending up on the far side of the green in the rough. The chip on left me with two putts for a nett par 5.
I took my driver into a strongish wind on the 3rd. Perhaps I held back a bit, but the drive sliced right leaving the ball technically just out of bounds under trees on the right. As it was a friendly game and I didn't want to delay following players, I played out. I had to keep the ball low and it didn't clear the long grass. My first attempt out of that grass was a failure, pushing the ball only a couple of yards. The next was better, leaving me a possible single putt. But the ball stopped literally on the lip, leaving me with a nett bogey 6.

My drive stopped just short of the bunker on the 4th. Then an 8-iron was poorly struck only progressing me about 65 yards. I risked a 5-iron to play between the lake on the left and the trees to the right, fortunately hitting a straight ball that stopped about 20 yards from the green for 3. But my pitching wedge shot was muffed, leaving the ball in very unpleasant rough left of the green. I managed to chip on with the gap wedge but with two putts ended up with a nett 7 bogey. Disappointing.

I hit a good 5-wood on the short 5th but the wind caught the ball and it came to rest pin high but off the right of the green. The pin was well to the left! My 7-iron chip wasn't anywhere long enough, which resulted in three putts for a nett bogey 5.

After an average drive on the 6th my 4-iron was short and went right under the two large willows. Fortunately the lie was good and I chipped up with my 8-iron, two-putting for a nett par 5.

The 7th went well. The drive was average with the ball going slightly right into rough off the fairway. With trees to the front, I took my 6-iron for a bit more loft, clearing the trees and setting me up for a 4-iron to the green. The shot was distance perfect but drifted right. My chip on, out of the heavy grass, overran the green. I chipped back and the ball went in for a nett birdie 5.

Hole 7 - 16 October 2017

I messed up the 8th around the green. A reasonable drive, followed by a 143 yard 4-iron, and then another a bit shorter, left me a simple chip up. I overplayed my gap wedge and went off the back of the green. A chip back and two putts for a nett bogey 7, after being almost to the green in 3 on this long (462 yards) par 4 hole.

The 9th was a bit chaotic. My drive was fortunately just short of the lake to the right. Playing out with a 5-iron I went left and ended up in the fairway bunker. Trees behind this bunker restrict your choices and I had to play a short pitching wedge shot sideways. The following 4-iron wasn't that good and also went left into rough, where trees again restricted my shot to the green. My 7-iron thus landed to the right of the green, and well short. I then played a lovely pitching wedge shot leaving me what should have been a single putt, but I missed it. So it was a blobbed 8.

I was disappointed with myself today. The majority of my drives were not in trouble and most of the longer iron shots were good, but yet again I messed up around the greens. The long grass that exists outside the green aprons doesn't help, it being difficult to judge short chips: too gentle and the ball goes nowhere; too strong and you're across the green and in more rough. The total was 56, which is about average for me, with 18 putts, although with a chip-in on the 7th the putts' total should have been less. I'm pleased with the way the 4-iron is playing and have all but forgotten about using my once favourite rescue club to progress along the fairway.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 16 October 2017

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