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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 17/03/16

A terrible start today but after that things settled down to what was an average round. Four holes blobbed, eight nett pars, five nett bogeys, and one true par. The weather was fine with plenty of sun although the north-easterly wind still had a chill to it. The course has dried out quite a bit and the temporary cordons around the greens have been removed, allowing push-trollies to approach.

The 1st was a disaster. My first drive sliced into the trees to the right. I took a provisional that went straight and long, but we found the first ball in the bank of the ditch that runs along the front of the trees. I dropped and played a hybrid that unfortunately ran into the trees on the left, ending up in an almost unplayable position. I managed to get out by back-flipping my 7-iron. A decent 5-wood then drifted right into the rough, from where I pitched on with my 8-iron, but I was already on 6. Two putts gave me a gross 8 and a blob.

The 2nd didn't go much better. I drove left into the trees and my 7-iron clearance clipped a tree and rebounded across the fairway into the ditch on the right, the ditch I was trying to avoid by putting my drive left in the first place. The ball was lost so I dropped and played a shortish hybrid to the middle of the fairway, from where I pitched on for 5, and then two-putted for a gross 7. Another blob.

I used my 5-wood off the tee on the short 3rd but I think that I had set the tee a bit too low, and I drove the ball partially into the ground after which it struggled to cover about 35 yards. I recovered well by putting a hybrid onto the green and two-putting for 4, a nett par. The 4th started well with a good drive and second shot, but my third shot out of light rough was poor and I needed another attempt to get on the green for 4. It's a tough hole and two-putts would have given me a nett par, but I needed three putts for one point.

Things then settled down. I parred the 5th and nett parred the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. The 9th can be a nightmare so I was quite pleased with a 6 on this par 5. I set off to the back nine with renewed hope.

The 10th burst the bubble. After a good drive the long 5-wood second shot went into the rough on the left. My first attempt to pitch out was well short, keeping me in the rough, from where the next iron shot also fell short. I was finally on the green for 5 and two-putted for a gross 7, which gave me one point but wasn't very creditable. I managed a gross 6 on the 11th, which included a bunker shot, and a 6 again on the 12th after putting the drive into the trees to the left. The 13th also involved trees and a bunker, and in this case I could only manage a gross 7, which was my first blob on the back nine.

The 14th was better despite straying a bit right with my drive. I just missed a putt that would have given me a par and settled for a gross 5 and two points. I have been playing the 15th well lately but today my drive strayed right and I had to play a short safety shot out of trees. My subsequent shots were also just off the fairway and I did well to get to the back of the green for 5, from where a chip and two putts gave me a gross 8 for one point.

An under-hit tee shot on the par 3, 16th left me with a straightforward 50 yard pitch onto the green, which I completely fluffed on the first attempt, getting on for 3. I then three putted for a gross 6, my second blob on the back nine. I was also on the green for 3 on the par 4, 17th, but again three-putted for a 6. A nice 175 yard drive on the 18th followed by a decent hybrid shot left me about 50 yards off the green, but I again needed to attempts to pitch on. A single putt gave me a gross 5 for a nett par and two points.

I wasn't particularly happy with my play today. Only 40% of drives were on the fairway and in fact, bar the 18th, I never hit the fairway once on the back nine. This invariably made the subsequent shots more difficult. I was also having difficulties playing my 5-wood off the ground, with more poor shots than good. The bad start was psychologically demoralising and I suppose I should be pleased that I then managed a string of nett pars. At the end of the day the score was in line with what I've been recording recently, but it would be nice, just for once, to get around without any duff shots.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 17 March 2016

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