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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 17/11/16

Today was not good. The weather forecast threatened rain around 2 pm so we hoped to get 9 holes in beforehand. In fact the rain arrived a bit early and we got rather wet as we came down the 9th. The wind was also very strong, causing some difficulties on a few of the holes. It was another case of starting reasonably well and then everything falling apart; the story of my golf.

On the 1st, three mediocre hybrid shots left me about 120 yards from the green, from where I put my 27 degree hybrid on for four. Two putts for a nett par 6 wasn't a bad start.

The tee shot on the 2nd was better and I followed it with the 27 degree hybrid again, putting the ball just off the back of the green from where I putted on. The next putt wasn't difficult but the ball turned as it approached the hole, and I needed another for a nett par 5.

My tee shot went right on the 3rd and left me with the need to hit a low trajectory iron under overhanging branches. I managed this but the shot was a bit long, coming to rest at the back of the green. It was a long putt and although close, I needed another for a nett par 4. Three nett pars and 6 points from the first three holes.

As has happened on many occasions before, it all went wrong on the 4th. The tee shot wasn't bad but the next was thick and only added 90 yards. This left me at an awkward distance, with a decision as to whether to try to go through the gap between the lake and the right hand trees, or play very short. I suppose I was a bit over-confident after three good holes and I went for the gap. Erring to the right to avoid the lake, I actually overran into the trees and ended up on the edge of the out-of-bounds ditch. I dropped but onto a bed of fallen leaves and my clearance was short, meaning I still didn't have a clear shot to the green. I played a 7-iron short of the green and then chipped on, but was short again and needed two putts for an overall 9; well and truly blobbed.

I think when something like this happens it saps my confidence as following the disaster on the 4th nothing seemed to go right. The strong cross-wind on the 5th took my tee shot into the right hand bunker. I needed two to get out and then a chip to get on. Three putts then completely trashed the hole with a 7 on this par 3.

The wind was in our face on the 6th, my tee shot not making 100 yards, as didn't the next shot. The third almost made the green and a 7‑iron chip left me with two putts for a 6, a nett bogey.

Another short tee shot on the 7th was followed by a better hybrid but then I put the next into the right hand bunker, helped by the now very strong wind. Again it took me two to get out the bunker followed by a chip that only just made the green, and two putts for an 8, and another blob.

The 8th wasn't much better. Three very mediocre hybrid shots left me with a lot still to do. At this point I took the 4-iron, as the round was already a disaster so why not experiment with a different club. It wasn't much better than the hybrids, but it was worth a try and it got me close to the green. I chipped on but was long and needed to putt back on the green, and finished with a single putt for a nett bogey 7.

I took the 4-iron off the tee on the 9th, which was definitely a change of approach for me. It went reasonably well but wasn't anything special. It now started raining. I tried the 4-iron again on the fairway but this time it was a poor shot. Third time lucky, I thought, and certainly this time it was a good strike that unfortunately went right and ended up on the bank. My sideways pitch didn't quite reach the short stuff and left me with a shot between two trees if I wanted to aim for the green. I managed it but ended up well short of the green. A 9‑iron then went to the right of the green, needing another chip on and two putts for the second 9 of the round. I was now very wet and very fed up.

The total was 61 shots, 18 putts and 8 points, which is by far the worse that I've done for a long time. It was the sort of day when I just felt like giving up golf. I drove home in torrential rain with all my wet gear in the boot thinking is it really worth it.

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