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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 18/01/16

Another good start today but it quickly went downhill. My spirits were, however, lifted by a good spell in the middle of the 9-hole round, only to be demolished by a terrible performance on the 9th.

The dry weather continues but the temperature is now more characteristic of January. It was nevertheless a pleasant day that would have been even better without the chilling wind.

We were a three-ball today and once more played off the red tees, for reasons already mentioned when reporting previous rounds, and also because Claire, a friend, joined us today.

Three respectable hybrid shots, an iron onto the green and two putts on the 1st enabled me to take a 6, which is a nett par for me.

On the 2nd I was a bit high on the ball for my tee shot, taking me less than 70 yards and leaving me in the rough. I then miss-hit the second, the ball skipping left into the trees and coming to rest under a small conifer. All I could do was back-flip it out, quite successfully as it happens, but only gaining another 40 yards. The fourth shot was better, taking me to the left fringe of the green, from where I chipped and two-putted for a 7 - a blobbed hole.

The third was better, my tee shot almost reaching the green but landing to the right in the rough. A nice 7-iron chip took me past the pin and the return putt almost went down. A second putt gave me a 4, a nett par.

The 4th was a disaster last time out, and so it was again today. I've been playing a hybrid off the tee for the sake of accuracy, but here I took my 5-wood, and sliced it into the trees on the right. Yet again it landed by a conifer and this time I took an unplayable drop as I had no backswing. The shot out of the rough wasn't great, only adding around 40 yards. My fourth shot redeemed things somewhat, taking me to within 80 yards of the green, but I needed two iron shots to get on, and then two putts to sink the ball. A very poor 8, totally blobbed.

The par 3, 5th and the par 4, 4th, were both parred, giving me three points for each. This was the good spell in the middle!

The 7th wasn't too bad either. Three good shots got me to the back of the green. A 7-iron chip and two putts gave me a 6, a nett par.

The 8th was also acceptable. The tee shot was a bit weak, but straight, and I was 20 yards from the green for 4 on this longish par 4. A good chip and a putt gave me another 6, a nett par again.

And so to the par 5, 9th, a make or break hole that more often than not causes trouble. My tee shot just cleared the lake on to 'ground under repair'. I took a free drop. The next shot was long and left me probably about 170 yards from the green, but I was over to the right, requiring that I cleared some trees if I went straight for the green. As it was I was a bit thin on the shot and it only went about 70 yards. I then had 90 yards to the green but inexplicably pushed the shot to the right and straight into the lake. I dropped by the lake and took a penalty, then chipped on with my 7-iron. Unfortunately I then took three putts for a total of 9.

So yet again a potentially good round was marred by a couple of bad holes. I made a few bad choices, but will learn from those. One plus point from today's game was that I used my 7-iron to chip onto the greens, rather than my 8, and this seemed to produce much more consistent results when playing out of long winter grass.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 18 January 2016

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