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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 18/06/18

After another longish break I returned to the course on Monday for 9 holes. I didn't take my Game Golf device or Garmin range finder, as I decided not to get too serious about how I played. I also adopted a new strategy, reverting to my carry bag with a reduced club set. And, to complete the transformation, I took my wife, Helen's discarded driver, she having bought herself a new one. The little story behind this is that the shaft of her driver was broken by an idiot who tried to take a buggy through the narrow passage behind our putting green, sending Helen's golf bag flying. The shaft was snapped a few inches from the top and the golf shop wrote it off. But using a short section of an old shaft as an insert, and some resin glue, I fixed it, and we had a new grip fitted. It's a much lighter club than my Ping G30 driver, with a smaller head and a slightly shorter shaft. I find it more like a hybrid, and as such easier to use.

Having said this, on the 1st tee I took a shorter (white) tee and promptly went over the top of the ball, sending it only about 20 yards. Not a good start. The next hybrid shot wasn't great either, and the following one went right into trees way off the fairway. My time away from the game was showing. I hit well out of the trees with a 6-iron and then put a hybrid shot about 15 yards short of the green for 5. I made a reasonable chip on and could have putted for a nett bogey 7, but needed two for a blobbed 8; not bad, though, considering the start.

On the 2nd I took a hybrid off the tee, fearing another poor driver shot, but still managed to roll the ball into the water-filled ditch on the right. After a penalty drop I hit a good 6-iron, leaving me a pitch to the green, which rolled on a bit leaving me a long putt. In fact I needed three to get down for a blobbed 7.

I took the driver on the 3rd with a pink tee, sending the ball just short of the green to the right. A good chip left me with a par possibility but I needed two for a nett birdie 4 (I get two shots on this short hole!).

Convinced that a white tee was the correct choice, I reverted to it on the 4th and hit a good drive just past the fairway bunker. I then made a hash of my hybrid shot, following which I put an 8-iron shot right into the trees. All I could do was to make a controlled iron shot out. Now on 4, I put the next ball right of the green, where fortunately it rolled down the bank. I chipped on and two-putted for 8, another blob. The 5th was better. The drive was lofted and with wind assist went right onto the bank. My pitching wedge shot was good for length but landed off the right of the green. A chip and run plus two putts for a nett bogey 5.

I had a good drive on the 6th and the following hybrid left me a pitch to the green. Two putts for a nett par 5. On the 7th my drive drifted right into the rough. The hybrid out wasn't clean but put me back on the fairway. Two more hybrids and I was just off the right of the green, from where a chip and run and a single putt gave me a nett par 6.

The drive on the 8th was good but just a bit too far left, putting me in the rough below the tree-covered bank. I had to take a controlled 8-iron shot as my only line was towards the lake. After two hybrid approach shots I made one of my best ever pitches, leaving a simple putt for another nett par 6. Things were now going a bit better after a very ragged start.

Another clean drive on the 9th left me short of the left-side fairway bunker. I then hit a hybrid that put me in the rough to the right of the fairway. Wanting to avoid the trees and bank on the right, I put the next shot too far left into the trees, requiring a controlled iron shot out. My pitch didn't make the green requiring a further chip and one putt for a nett bogey 7.

Considering how little golf I've played recently, and the fact that I was using a different driver, things didn't really go too badly. The final tally was 56 with 15 putts and 12 points, my pitching and chipping having helped keep my putting total down. And I actually enjoyed the round, feeling much better about my game than has been the case in the recent past.

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