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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 18/10/16

Another day perhaps better forgotten. We arrived in rain with the promise things would brighten up, as they indeed did.
A blue sky with the clouds whisking across in the strong wind. The autumn colours were in evidence.

View of Hole 8 - 18 October 2016

I started well, with a long hybrid off the 1st tee, followed by a couple more and an 8-iron onto the green. Two putts for a nett par 6.

I didn't catch the ball clean on the 2nd and was lucky that I didn't end up in the ditch to the right. I recovered well from the rough with a hybrid but ended up still right of the path, from where I completely messed up a 9-iron pitch, needing another to get me on the green. Two putts again for a nett bogey 6.

Into the wind off the 3rd tee I thought I had cleared the bunker, but in fact I hadn't. A good sand wedge out took me past the pin, from where I two-putted for a nett par 4.

Lately I seem unable to play the 4th well. Today I had a poor hybrid tee shot that ended up at the bottom of a transverse bank on the left. I good 8-iron out followed by an equally good hybrid put me about 25 yards from the green for 3, not bad after a poor tee shot. I then managed to mess up two gap wedge shots and needed a further 9-iron chip to get on the green. Now on 6 I two-putted for a blobbed 8, which was criminal in the circumstances.

I was in a bunker again on the par 3, 5th, the headwind shortening the tee shot. I got out but was short of the green. After an 8-iron chip I three-putted for a blobbed 6. What a time to three putt.

The 6th offered a bit of psychological relief. My tee shot was short into the wind but the next hybrid got me close to the green, from where I chipped on with my 7-iron. Two putts for a nett par 5.

On the 7th neither my approach nor finish was good. It took me three hybrids to get within pitching range, but it took me three more to get on the green. Two putts ended the fiasco with a nett double bogey 8.

The 9th wasn't much better. A poor tee shot, followed by an equally bad 4-iron out of a poor lie, only took me 135 yards. After three more hybrids I was almost in the lake, playing out from beneath a tree with my 7-iron onto the green. Now on 6, a blob was certain, and I finishing with an 8 after two putts.

It was a 57 but felt even worse than that as I made one mistake after another.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 18 October 2016

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