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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 19/12/16

More mixed fortunes today but I did come away with one birdie. A misty damp day with almost zero wind and an eerie silence that accompanies that sort of weather.

There was no time for practice swings so I took the hybrid for greater reliability on the 1st tee. It went straight if not exceptionally far. A couple of more mediocre hybrids placed me about 110 yards from the pin but I was short of the green. A nice 8-iron chip left me a single putt for a nett par 6: not too bad.

To avoid danger I went left on the 2nd but the hybrid shot just clipped a tree and dropped at 140 yards. My next one was fluffed and then I put the following shot in the right hand bunker. I got out with the sand wedge and putted on, but was short, needing two more putts for a blobbed 7.

I was a bit unlucky on the 3rd, the tee shot landing to the right of the left hand bunker but then bouncing sideways into it. I again got out and was well on the green but after that achievement three-putted for a nett bogey 5. I really shouldn't have missed the second putt.

On the 4th I got the 3-wood out for my tee shot and immediately wished I hadn't. I pulled the shot, ending up on the women's tee about 70 yards away. The next hybrid shot was also awful, only adding another 60 yards. I then put the next one in the fairway bunker. A good 90 yard 9-iron exit left me on the top of a bank near the right hand tree line. A bold shot from there almost got me to the green, but I was now on 6. An 8-iron chip was far too long and I needed two putts to finish with a nett double bogey 8.
Hole 5 photo - 19 December 2016
The 5th was the highlight of the day; perhaps even the highlight of the year. A solid hybrid off the tee left me only about 3ft or so from the pin. I holed it for a birdie, or a nett eagle and 4 points.

I was now using a hybrid off the tee having decided that the 3-wood wasn't anywhere near reliable enough. A decent tee shot on the 6th left me with the possibility of reaching the green in 2. My hybrid shot seemed that it might make it, but the ball just clipped the willow tree as it turned towards the right. An 8-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 5.

Three hybrid shots on the 7th got me to within a few yards of the green. A 9-iron chip and one putt gave me a nett birdie 5.

The 8th wasn't so good. The hybrid tee shot wasn't bad, but the next one shanked right after I took too much ground before impacting the ball. I recovered some distance with the next shot and was left with an 8-iron chip to the green. Unfortunately the chip was short and I needed two putts to finish with a nett bogey 7.

Although things had been a bit up and down I didn't feel that I had had too bad a round as I teed off on the 9th. The hybrid shot went ridiculously left, which was a pity as it made 155 yards, the longest tee shot of the day with that club. A 7-iron lateral pitch was needed to get back on the fairway. The next shot wasn't bad but then I dug in on the following one, sending the ball right onto the dreaded tree-topped bank. I played another sideways 7-iron to get out of trouble, then an 8-iron to the green, but it was short. A 9-iron chip and two putts gave me a 9, thus ruining any hope of a reasonable end score.

As it was I took a 54 with 16 putts and 13 points. The 8 on the 4th and the 9 on the 9th didn't help, although a 2 on the 5th compensated somewhat. I've taken the 3-wood out of the bag!

Gane Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 19 December 2016

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