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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 19/02/16

I joined Helen and two of her friends today for the front nine. I wanted to have another try with my modified swing, as mentioned yesterday, involving keeping the right arm tight to my body. This limits the backswing, which actually is no bad thing, as an extended backswing in my case (and for many people) involves the right arm lifting and this can mess up the downswing.

Another beautiful morning, a bit chilly but bright and the wind was light, but it freshened considerably later in the round. We're still playing off the mats, unfortunately.

Things started very well indeed, as I nett parred the first four holes and nett birdied the 5th. I had a cracking 155 yard tee shot on the second using my 20 degree hybrid, and another of similar length on the 4th using my 5-wood, confirming to me that there isn't much between these two clubs, although the 5-wood will go further if I get it just right.

My first real error was on the 6th, where I miss-hit the tee shot, but I recovered well to get a gross 6 (nett bogey). The 7th, however, wasn't so kind to me. My tee shot was fine at just under 150 yards, but I then miss-hit the next for only around 50 yards. I recovered with the third but then took two iron shots to reach the green, and then two putts, for a gross 8 - the first blobbed hole.

On the 8th none of my three 5-wood shots was completely clean, but they were still each over 100 yards and I was on the green for 4, finishing with a gross 6 for a nett par.

I was annoyed with myself on the 9th. The tee shot into what was then a strong wind only managed just over 100 yards, and the second was fluffed, adding only 60 yards. I then hit two good 5-woods leaving me about 10 yards short of the green. The 7-iron chip dug in, leaving me with a long putt, and I actually needed three putts to finish. So a gross 8 after being only 10 yards from the green for 4 - pathetic.

But all in all I was pleased with today. The 'new' swing technique is proving reasonably consistent; not foolproof by any means, but certainly reassuring, and the reduced backswing hasn't reduced my distances - the opposite in fact.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 19 February 2016

And here's the Game Golf graphic summarising my shots:

My round - 19 February 2016

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