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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 19/07/18

Well, it seems my rounds of 45 and 47 were indeed blessed with a fair amount of luck, since it appears that I've now reverted to my usual error-ridden performance. Today was almost a carbon-copy of Monday. Same total and only one less putt. However, I think that at times I was a bit unfortunate, no more so than on the 5th, where what seemed to be a perfect tee shot bounced violently right off the rock-hard ground, straight into a bunker.

I didn't start well. I usually select a slightly higher tee on the 1st to allow for any initial body stiffness, changing to a lower tee when I've warmed up. This time I went straight to the lower tee and topped the ball, sending it an unimpressive 37 yards. I recovered well with a hybrid and was on the green for 5 (effectively 4 after the wasted drive), but I then three-putted for a blobbed 8. After a long drive and a good hybrid I was on the 2nd green for 2, quite a rarity. I was, however, right at the back of the green and having underplayed my first putt on the 1st, promptly overplayed it on the 2nd. With a long putt back it wasn't surprising that I again three-putted.

The bad luck fairy was with me on the 3rd. A right drifting drive ended up with the ball tight against a tree trunk and sitting in long grass in a hollow around the trunk. I was fortunate to get it out but the ball only went a few feet. From there a ground-hugging 6-iron shot got me under the willow branches and onto the green. Two putts for a nett par 5. The bad luck fairy stayed with me on the 4th. After a very good drive my hybrid shot ran on much further than I expected, the ball coming to rest under tree branches close to the lake. A back-flipped pitching wedge got me back onto the short stuff but with no gain in distance. My 8-iron then didn't make the green, needing a chip, after which two putts gave me a nett bogey 7.

As mentioned at the beginning, the 5th was the bad luck fairy's final attempt to discourage me. A drive that was midway between the two bunkers and arcing nicely towards the pin position, kicked abruptly right on its first bounce, putting me in the right bunker. I took too little sand and placed the clearance inches short of the out-of-play marker on the far side of the green, and was under a conifer. A little jab got the ball out, but only a couple of feet. A chip and two putts left me with a blobbed 6 on what so easily could have been a par or better, if it wasn't for that bounce.

The 6th wasn't much better, but bad luck didn't feature this time; it was all me. After the drive and a hybrid I had left myself a fairly simple pitch to the green. But I completely overplayed it and again found myself under trees on the far side of the green. In a repeat performance of the 5th, I jabbed the ball out a yard or so, but then proceeded to mess up two chips in succession, the club in each case hitting the ground and hardly moving the ball. I ended up putting on and single-putting for a blobbed 7.

Things improved a bit on the 7th. A drive and two hybrids left me an 8-iron pitch, which was short. However, I could putt on and then two-putted for a nett par 6. The 8th could have gone like the 7th, but my pitch to the green fell far short and I needed to chip on, adding a shot. Two putts gave a me a nett bogey 7.

The drive on the 9th reached the left fairway bunker but the ball was just outside it. However, I needed to stand with one foot in the bunker to play the shot. The result was surprising given the awkwardness of the shot, and it left me set for a shot to the green for 3. But I sliced the hybrid and the ball arced right, being in danger of reaching the lake. Fortunately it stayed safe and I pitched on the green for 4. Once again three putts spoiled the finish, leaving me with a nett bogey 7.

So another 58, this time with 20 putts and 9 Stableford points. Best forgotten!

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Scorecard - 16 July 2018

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