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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course -20/04/17

It was our regular Thursday morning outing today. The weather was overcast and there was a chilly wind but the course was dry after a couple of weeks of very little rain. I didn't start that well, but then improved, before going downhill again over the last three holes.

I was high on the ball off the 1st tee, the shot going left into the trees. I had to play out across the course to avoid the trees, leaving my next shot way off the fairway and again partially obstructed by a tree. I ended up hitting through the branches, again diagonally across the fairway into rough on the far side. From there I finally hit a more direct shot but it again ran into the edge of the rough. I chipped on with the 9-iron and two-putted for an 8, a nett bogey. A very wayward hole!

A good hybrid off the tee on the 2nd got me 162 yards out. The next hybrid was off the back-left of the green. A pitching wedge chip and two putts for a nett par 5. The tee shot drifted right on the 3rd, the ball settling in long grass just short of the green. My chip out wasn't good and I was still just off the green. Another 9-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 5.

My 5-wood off the tee on the 4th drove the fairway bunker. I got out clean with my 9-iron, taking me nearly 100 yards further. From the edge of a bank I took a hybrid and put the ball pin-high for 3, but off the green to the right. I chipped on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

With the tee blocks way back, and a head wind, I decided that I wouldn't reach the green on the 5th, so played to lay up. Unfortunately the shot was a bit too good, and the ball rolled into the left side bunker. From there I needed two sand shots and a chip to get on, then two putts to finish, leaving me with a blobbed 6.

My tee shot wasn't too bad on the 6th and the next hybrid curved right, putting me just short of the bunker beyond the trees. From there I chipped long with the pitching wedge and two-putted for a nett par 5.

After a good 5-wood tee shot on the 7th I thought I would try the 5-wood off the fairway. It didn't work, the ball skewing left into trees. I had to play out across the fairway and ended up on a bank on the far side in rough. I miss-played the bank shot and needed another pitch onto the green, and two putts to finish with a nett bogey 7. I regretted my 5-wood experiment as I usually play straight and long with my hybrids down this fairway.

The rot must have set in, as on the 8th I miss-hit the tee shot, pulling it left to the edge of trees. I again had to play across the fairway to miss the tree branches, leaving me in rough on the far side. A reasonable hybrid recovered the situation a bit, but I then took an 8-iron to the ball in a divot hole and didn't get behind it, leaving me well short of the green. My pitching wedge shot then went through the green, needing a 7-iron chip back, and two putts for a blobbed 8. A disappointing score on another long straight hole that I usually play well.

The 9th didn't go much better. My tee shot into the wind wasn't long. The next hybrid was better but I then didn't connect well with the next, sending the ball left and short. I tried to play the next hybrid to the green but again didn't connect well, the ball going right and again being short. My next pitching wedge shot was thin and went off the back of the green, requiring a 7-iron chip back. Two putts made it an 8, another blob.

I found it another scrappy round, with a few good shots but, as usual, too many bad ones. I came in on 57 with 9 points and 17 putts. In short, I don't seem to be improving!

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Scorecard - 20 April 2017

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