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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 20/08/18

After last Friday's embarrassing outing I was hoping that today may go a little bit better and help restore my confidence. I changed my driver from Helen's old Cobra to the one from a PGA set that I bought years ago. With a higher capacity head I was hoping for a bit more distance while retaining the relative good behaviour of the Cobra club. The conditions were perfect, warm with absolutely no wind, if a bit on the humid side. And fortunately while we had to wait a bit from time to time, play was nowhere near as frustratingly slow as last Friday.

Things didn't start too well. I hit a good drive of 180 yards, thus justifying the change of driver, but the ball ran on into the left-side trees and I had to drop from under a conifer. A sideways chip out was followed by a long hybrid shot of 163 yards. The next, unfortunately, was sliced and went out-of-bounds to the right. Another penalty drop and I put the ball off the left of the green. My chip through the long grass was hopeless, needing another to get on. A single putt made my shot tally 7, but with two penalties it was a 9. Not a great start.
The 2nd was a lot better. Another good drive was followed by a hybrid, the ball stopping just inches from the right-side green bunker. Luck was clearly with me today. A chip on and a single putt for a par, nett birdie. I decided to lay up on the 3rd but put the ball right, leaving me with a tree to the front. I pulled off an almost perfect ground-hugging 6-iron shot that left me with a possible par putt. In fact I needed two but that still gave me a nett birdie 4.

I sliced the drive on the 4th into the trees right. The ball ended up part way up a low bank and I was fortunate to play a decent 8-iron across the fairway to the far-side light rough. From there a well-positioned 8-iron shot left me with an easy shot to the green. Two putts for a nett par 6. The 5th was a bit of a mess. I looked up playing a hybrid off the tee and consequently only made 50 yards with a shot along the ground. I then played an 8-iron for the green, but was just short and a bit right. A chip on left a longish putt that I just missed, clipping the edge of the hole. Unfortunately I then took two more putts for a blobbed 6.

My drive was short on the 6th, as was the next hybrid shot and the following 8-iron. Chipping on for 4, I two-putted for 6, this time a nett bogey. The longish 7th (407 yards) was noteworthy for the fact that after a poor sliced drive of just under 100 yards, I was on the green for 3. My second hybrid shot after the drive was 161 yards. I two-putted for a nett birdie 5. My drive was better on the 8th at 160 yards, followed by a good hybrid. I then took my 6-iron and put the ball just off the left of the green. My pitch on was short, and I needed two putts to finish for a nett par 6.

On the par 5, 9th two good hybrids after a reasonable drive put me about 50 yards from the green. My 8-iron was just off the right of the green, but a good chip on and one putt gave me a nett par 6.

So, despite the 9 on the 1st, I managed to come in with a 52, 15 putts and 16 points, which restored my confidence somewhat. The change of driver certainly gave me a bit more distance, but I need to be careful of the tendency to slice. My 27 degree hybrid misbehaved itself the couple of times I used it, so I've taken it out of the bag and put the 5-iron back in.

Feeling a lot better than I did last Friday!

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Scorecard - 20 August 2018

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