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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 20/11/17

Back to mediocracy and yet again the 1st and 9th cost me dear. After rain it was damp and the course was soft but the day brightened with the occasional fresh wind that felt a bit chilly and affected a couple of holes.

View looking back from Hole 8

My tee shot on the 1st was fine; 155 yards and dead straight. Then I pulled my 4-iron shot left into the trees, where the ball inconveniently came to rest against a trunk, the only shot playable being a back-flip with my 7-iron. This didn't quite clear the trees leaving me with the need to loft my 8-iron, which I managed just clipping the upper branches. A 7-iron shot to the green then went nowhere as the iron dug into the soft ground. My pitching wedge shot then bounced left off the green and at first I thought it had rolled into the sunken bunker. It hadn't, but was resting in light rough right on the edge. My gap wedge was thin but the ball fortunately hit the pin. I then missed the first putt, the second giving me a severely blobbed 9.

Te 2nd was just the opposite. A drive of 173 yards was followed by an 8-iron to the green. Two putts for a par and a nett birdie. Weird game this golf!
Hole 2
With a head wind I used the driver on the short 3rd. I thought the ball had settled off the right of the green, but it had in fact rolled into a bunker. I was out in one but still short of the green. An 8-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 5.

After another good drive on the 4th I put my 5-iron shot to the left, leaving me a shot over the corner of the lake. I took my 6-iron but didn't strike the ball clean and it fell short into the reeds at the side of the lake. I dropped outside the water hazard for a penalty and put a pitching wedge shot to the right of the green. An 8-iron chip and one putt rescued a nett bogey 7.

The wind caught my drive on the short 5th leaving the ball well to the right of the green on a downslope. I took my gap wedge for loft but although I put the ball on the green I was short of the hole. Two putts for a nett par 4.

The 6th went well. A reasonable drive and a clean 4-iron against a fresh wind almost got me to the green. An 8-iron chip and one putt for a par and a nett birdie 4.

The 7th and 8th can provide some bonus points as I get two shots on each hole, but today I made a bit of a meal of them both.

I sliced well right on the 7th. The ball was in the rough and because of the dogleg on this hole there was a bold shot through a slight gap in the trees that would have put mea good way down the fairway. I think I tried too hard as the 5-iron shot was muffed and only pushed me further towards the trees. A high-lofted pitching wedge got me over, but because of the loft it wasn't long and the ball settled in rough on the far side of the fairway. My 5-iron out was reasonable but then I pitched left of the green. I putted on and then single-putted for a nett bogey 7.

My drive was short and right on the 8th. A 5-iron out wasn't good, only progressing the ball 56 yards. I then hit a good 4-iron that moved me forward, but then my 8-iron was short, requiring another chip on for 5. Two putts and another nett bogey 7.

I didn't strike the ball well of the 9th tee but the following 4-iron wasn't bad. But then I sent a 5-iron shot to the right, placing the tree-covered bank between me and the green. A really lofted pitching wedge got me over, but only made 56 yards. I then messed about with two more pitching wedge shots before getting on the green for 6. Two putts and it was a blobbed 8.

I finished with 55, 15 putts and 13 points. The blobbed 1st and 9th again accounted for much of the trouble. Still, there were two pars in there and a smattering of decent shots.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 20 November 2017

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