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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/08/17

Another not-so-good day

Today was again one of very slow play. We waited on every tee box, and often before approach shots on the fairway. We've decided to play the Manor Course next week if the Manor car park is as empty as it was today.

I had been practising a modified swing for my iron shots in the garden, and it seemed to have promise. I had also tried the same swing with my hybrids, and it seemed equally as good. But these were 'dry' swings, as I can't hit balls in my small garden. So I had decided to test out the ideas on the range before playing. But the range was closed as they were recovering balls. Best laid plans …

On the 1st I hit a reasonable drive, centre fairway. I then took my hybrid with the 'new' swing, and almost had an air shot, the ball moving a few feet. The next attempt was better but I was still a bit 'thick' on the ball, reducing the distance. It was the same with the next two hybrids, so after 5 shots I was still short of the green. My new idea wasn't quite working out. I then thinned an 8-iron but the ball still made the green. As if enough hadn't gone wrong I then three-putted, ending up with a blobbed 9.

A good drive on the 2nd was just a little too far left, leaving me obstructed a bit by trees for my next shot. I took a 6-iron, keeping the ball low, and this left me a fairly simple pitch to the green, which I made with the gap wedge. The putt was long and I needed two to finish with a nett par 5.

On the short 3rd I took my driver but the ball drifted right and I was in the bunker. A good sand-wedge out left me a gettable putt, but I didn't get it and needed another for a nett birdie 4.

The 4th was a bit of a mess. The drive was long but left and I didn't have a straight shot towards the green. I pitched out with a 7-iron and decided to take the same club to lay up short of the lake. Unfortunately I thinned it and went left towards the lake, leaving me a pitch over trees and the lake. I managed this with the 8-iron, but the ball landed in rough right of the green. An 8-iron chip got me on for 5 but then another three-putt gave me a blobbed 8.

I took my hybrid on the short 5th but didn't make clean contact, leaving me short of the right-side bunker. I took the gap wedge over the bunker but it was in fact a bit too long, the ball rolling off the back of the green. I putted on and single-putted for a nett par 4.

The drive on the 6th was good and I then took my 27 degree hybrid, which should have made the green. But a poor shot left me well short. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett par 5.

Despite grounding the driver slightly, my drive on the 7th wasn't too bad. I had to play the next hybrid over trees, and the next drifted right into the bunker. A good bunker shot out put me across the green, from where I putted on and then two-putted for a nett bogey 7.

I sliced the drive on the 8th, putting me in the rough out to the right. I tried a 6-iron out as the lie wasn't good, but my direction was off and I ended up by trees on the far side. I experimented with the 4-iron out, but didn't make clean contact, pushing the ball forward only yards. I tried the same club again, this time getting further, but nowhere near as far as I should be such a long iron. More work needed with this club! I pitched on and two-putted for another nett bogey 7.

And so to the 9th. I wasn't expecting too much after nett bogies on the 7th and 8th, but things actually went well. The drive was straight and kept clear of the lake. A decent hybrid then put me right of the fairway but not so much so as to restrict my next shot, which I hit to within about 40 yards of the green. A perfectly weighted pitch with my pitching wedge then placed the ball only a couple of feet from the hole. An easy putt for a true par, nett birdie, was an unexpected end to a somewhat erratic round.

Monday is, however, supposed to be a bit of a practice day, so I came away knowing that my modified swing works better for my irons, but not for the hybrids. Reverting to my normal swing improved the hybrid shots after the vagaries of the 1st. My total was 54, but with a 9, an 8 and two 7s, and 18 putts, that wasn't too bad. My Stableford total was 14 points.

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Scorecard - 21 August 2017

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