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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/01/16

I was in two minds whether to play today as in addition to the need to play off temporary tees, the greens have now also been closed. Temporary holes are never much fun and so it was to prove today.

We played off the red tees again as at least some of them were still open. The 1st didn't start well. It was very cold and I had been waiting to tee off for about 20 minutes, my shot going into the trees on the left. A good clearance (117 yards) put me in the rough on the right. The next shot was poor but the fourth got me to within a pitch of the temporary hole. In fact it took me two pitches, the rough rock-solid ground not helping. Then came the putting, which was a joke. On other holes they had created the temporary greens within the run-up apron onto the green proper. But on the first there is no such apron, so we were literally putting through the rough! Totally pointless, as nothing in one's previous putting experience prepares you for that. The end result was a 9.

The 2nd started well with a perfect tee shot but I then needed three iron shots, all rubbish, to get me to the temporary green. Putting was again a joke, three putts giving me a 7.

The 3rd was a joke in that an already short hole was shortened further by setting the temporary green in front of the large green-side bunker. Too much length and you're in the bunker, which wasn't a problem for me as the tee shot was rubbish. I managed a two-putt 4 in the end, a nett par, which wasn't bad.

Not much went right on the 4th. My third shot ended up in the trees on the right, requiring a careful chip out to avoid going into the lake opposite. This achieved I needed two more iron shots before I was putting, a two-putt giving me an 8.

Like the 3rd, the par 3, 5th was stupidly short, which again wasn't a problem as my 8-iron off the tee only got half way. After two more bad iron shots, three putts resulted in a 6.

On the 6th I tried my Ping G20 17 degree hybrid. I had put it back in the bag to replace the 5-wood, which has been very unpredictable in the poor winter conditions. If I'm not careful I can slice this low angle hybrid, so I waited until I reached a hole where there was a bit more space to play with. The tee shot did drift to the right a bit but not enough to get me into trouble, and the next shot put me pin high on the temporary green. Three putts (ridiculous but the surface was crap) gave me a 5, a nett par.

I took the hybrid again on the 7th and increased the distance but the shot again drifted right and I ended up in the trees. My first attempt to play forward through a gap in the trees hit one of them, and rebounded to my right. A second attempt at a forward shot glanced off another tree sending the ball far right towards the out of bounds. Miraculously it must have hit another tree, as I found it on the edge of the fairway, which was a bit of luck. From there I pitched up and again three-putted, ending with a rather fortunate 7.

The 8th went well. Three clean shots left me with a pitch, followed by two putts for a 6, my third nett par.

The par 5, 9th can destroy the best of rounds, but it showed me some sympathy today, probably because of what the course had already dished out. I took the 17 degree hybrid off the tee ( a bit of a risk with a lake to the right) and followed this with two more good hybrid shots, the last leaving me some way beyond the temporary green. An 8-iron chip back and two putts gave me a 6, another nett par. The second putt was the only one I sunk from any distance, the putting surfaces confounding all previous attempts to get the strength of the putt right.

In the end it was a 58. I recorded the stats on my Game Golf system but did not publish them, for the simple reason that it wasn't possible to edit the round correctly in respect of the temporary greens. If I positioned the pin to reflect today's course, none of the putts were recognised as such, because they weren't on the permanent green. If I overruled the 'off green' indicator to show that the putts were on a green, it just repositioned them onto the permanent green. So the putting stats ended up totally inaccurate and would have distorted the stats already recorded in the system.

The Game Golf system was, however, useful in providing me with a comparison between the 17 degree club and the 20 degree one I had been using previously off the tee. I'm definitely getting another 15-20 yards, so will persevere with it.

Not a day to remember with any satisfaction.

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