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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/07/16

Over two weeks since I played and it showed. A somewhat cooler day after a few days of suffocating heat, but it was still very warm. The wind was light and the course in good shape, so no excuses other than bad play. I forgot to take my Game Golf device, and my Garmin distance finder, but given my performance that was probably a good thing.

I took 20 balls on the range to get my hand back in, but worryingly I was tending to slice my drives, something that carried over to the course. Conscious of the possibility of a slice, I erred to the left on the 1st, anything right being out-of-bounds. Left it went, into the trees. I got out with a somewhat lucky shot that was thinned but scooted along a fair distance forward. The next 5-wood was again thin, but the following hybrid put me to the right of the green just past the pin for 4. A putt on bumped over a blanked-off hole, which slowed it, and I needed two more putts for a 7, nett bogie.

I took a hybrid on the 2nd where anything right again spells trouble. Unfortunately I again overdid the 'left' and was in the trees again, hitting solid wood. When I finally found the ball my shot was through trees and needed to keep low. I used the 20 degree hybrid, which did the trick, but was overplayed, leaving the ball precariously on the edge of the water-filled ditch on the other side of the fairway. It was in long grass, which had stopped it going in the ditch, but which also caused me to top the ball on my first attempt. The next stroke got me out but my pitch to the green was short and I was now on 5. A chip and two putts for 8, nett triple bogie!

I went for a lay-up on the short 3rd but was right and into the rough. An 8-iron chip got me on the green and two putts for a 4, nett par. A small ray of hope in what had been until then a very poor start, but it wasn't to last. My drive on the 4th was badly sliced and I lost the ball. Two penalty strokes for stroke and distance put me on 4 when I got back on the fairway. The next hybrid again went right into trees and only allowed me a safety shot out, so now on 6 and still to make the green. In fact I didn't make it with the next shot, chipped on and two putted for 10, nett quadruple bogie. I felt like giving up.

The 5th restored a bit of hope. Again the tee shot went right but I played off the bank onto the green and two-putted for 4, a nett par. The 6th started better with a good drive but I then again went right with a hybrid shot to the green, the ball descending into a willow tree. We couldn't find it, so a second lost ball, another two penalty strokes, and with a chip and two putts it was a 7, nett double bogie.

My drive on the 7th again went right into rough, from where a hybrid got me back onto the fairway and a reasonable distance forward. The next 5-wood sliced right and into the rough. Playing out I didn't make the green and was on for 5, two putts giving me a 7, a nett bogie.

Although I also went right with my drive on the 8th, the next hybrid was long and followed by a 5-wood that allowed a simple pitch on to the green for 4. The putt wasn't difficult but it was too weak and at the final moment deviated away from the hole, stopping inches away. So a 6 and a nett par.

I took a hybrid on the 9th tee to take the lake out of play but was thick on the shot, which went probably no more than 100 yards. The next went left leaving me with no clear approach shot to the green, thus causing me to go right again ending up behind the tree-lined bank that is a frustrating feature of this hole. I took my 27 degree hybrid and actually managed to execute the shot I had planned, sailing over the trees and leaving me chipping distance from the green for 4. Chip I did, but it was short and was followed by three putts for 8, a nett double bogie.

I was pleased it was over: 61 strokes and 8 points - absolutely shocking. And there I was a couple of weeks ago thinking my golf had reached a fairly consistent stage. This game certainly doesn't do a great deal for ones self-confidence.

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