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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/06/16

I missed my usual Monday golf yesterday because of the rain, so today Helen and I went out for 9 holes. After yesterday's rain, today was warm and bright, with plenty of sunshine and very little wind. Other than the bunkers, the effects of yesterday's heavy rain were minimal.

I have had a good run of games recently and I started the 1st confidently with a good drive 175 yard onto the fairway. I then ruined everything by pulling my 5-wood shot, which hit a small tree on the left of the path and dropped immediately beneath it. A back-flipped 7-iron was all I could do to get it out. The next 5-wood was good but then I put a hybrid shot into the deep bunker to the left of the green. I got out but needed another chip to get on the green and two putts to finish with a 9 - nett triple bogey. Not a good start.

Another good drive on the 2nd drifted right but thankfully stayed on the fairway and didn't trundle off into the ditch. My hybrid shot was heavy and I then caught a 7-iron a bit thin, sending it to the bank at the back of the green. A 9-iron chip and two putts for a 6 - nett bogey.

The 5-wood was high and short on the par 3, 3rd. A gap wedge and two putts for a 4 - nett par. I decided to try practising with the wedges after the bad start as the round was already spoiled.

Hole 4 - 21 June 2016

The 4th was the highlight of the day. It's the index 1 hole on the Lodge Course with a narrow approach to the green between a lake and a bank of trees. I drove well and put the next hybrid shot exactly where I wanted, from where my next hybrid was just short of the green. Taking my gap wedge again, I chipped on and it rolled in for a par 4 - nett eagle. It's the first time I've parred this hole.

We had been waiting on the tee on each hole because of slow play ahead, and after such a wait on the 5th I sliced the drive out of bounds to the right, easily done on this hole with even a moderate slice. The second drive wasn't good either, being short and ending up in the rough. My next 9-iron was just short of the green from where I used my 7-iron to chip-and-run, followed by a single putt for a 6; nett double bogey.

My drive was short on the 6th but wasn't in trouble. A good 5-wood then set me up for a pitching wedge onto the green, but I was thin and the ball crossed the green to the path behind and right. I dropped and pitched on with the gap wedge, single putting for a 5 - nett par.

I had a poor drive on the 7th, coming down quite hard into the ground when teeing off. I very rarely do this these days but the result was 84 yards on what is a long par 4. The next 5-wood recovered some ground and then I tried my 3-wood, which I put back in the bag for today. It didn't go any further than the 5-wood and the trajectory wasn't great, so I'll give it a few more tries but may end up sticking with the 5-wood. I was thin on the gap wedge ending up on the bank behind the green, from where I again used the gap wedge and single putted for a 6 - nett par.

The drive on the 8th sliced right. It wasn't in trouble but the slice reduced the distance. I again played a 5-wood followed by a 3-wood, and again the 3-wood didn't give any more distance. A gap wedge on the green and two putts for a 6 - nett par.

Fortunately my drive was a bit shorter than usual on the 9th, it stopping just short of the lake. A good hybrid added 130 yards but then, after a long wait for the group ahead to be clear, I topped the 5-wood for only 32 yards, and then had another poor shot with the same club. Waiting about often results in a muffed shot and this was a classic case. Now on 4, a 7-iron off the path (a drop would have put me in a poor position) got me on the green and two putts for 7 - nett bogey.

The 1st really scuppered the round but after that, despite a few hiccups, I didn't do that bad. The par on the 4th is a landmark event and other than a 7 on the par 5, 9th, the other holes were all 6 or less. All in all not too much to moan about. The slow play was irritating and I'm sure it didn't help my concentration.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 21 June 2016

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