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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/06/18

Today I took my Game Golf device so I could check out distances having changed my driver, plus it also helps me remember what happened when writing up these reviews. The problem was that it's so long since I used the thing, I kept forgetting to register the club before the shot. Fortunately it's sophisticated enough to sense the shot, leaving me to fill in the club details back at home.

Things started absolutely brilliantly. A good drive off the 1st followed by two well hit hybrid shots put me just short of the left hand green bunker. A well-judged chip set me up with a putt for par 5, which I made, a nett birdie. The drive on the 2nd was a bit over lofted, and the following hybrid shot again stopped short of a bunker, this time to the right of the green. Another good chip and one putt for another par, and another nett birdie.

I wasn't so lucky on the 3rd. My drive found the bunker in front of the green and I needed two attempts to get out, leaving a very long putt. I managed to get down in two but as I get two shots on this hole this gave me a nett par.

If I wasn't lucky on the 3rd, the 4th turned out to be a disaster. I sliced the drive and needed to play out of trees. Fortunately I had a good sized gap to play through and a low 6-iron put the ball back on the fairway. I then made a bad shot with my hybrid, gaining only about 60 yards. I next tried to put the ball between the trees and the lake with my 8-iron, but went just a bit too far, ending up behind a tree. The line out was in the direction of the lake and I just overplayed the shot, the ball rolling down the bank of the lake. I needed to drop, so was on 6 when I pitched to the green. Two putts made it a 9! Basically one bad shot after another, each adding an extra shot to the hole. After what was such a good start this episode was particularly depressing.

Things also went a bit wrong on the 5th, a par 3. My drive was well short and my subsequent pitch went off the left of the green into rough. The chip back was weak, resulting in three putts to finish with a blobbed 6. The 6th, however, restored my confidence, a good drive followed by an equally good hybrid putting me on the green in regulation. I nearly made the birdie, but needed a tap-in for a par 4, nett birdie.

I sliced the drive on the 7th, the ball hitting a conifer and dropping at that point, about 90 yards out. I played out of the rough with my 6-iron and then hit a reasonable hybrid to leave me a pitch to the green. I was actually a bit short but could putt on, and then single-putted for 6, a nett par. The 8th was even better. A reasonable drive and two hybrids got me to an inch off the green on this long par 4 (441 yards). The second hybrid shot actually ran on a long way at the end, but I wasn't complaining. I putted on and sank the next putt for a nett birdie 5.

Four holes - 21 June 2018

My drive on the 9th wasn't long but it was safe. The next two hybrids weren't great either, the second leaving me behind the trees at the edge of the bank to the right of the fairway. I managed to steer a 6-iron through the gap, leaving me a pitch to the green. Two putts for a nett bogey 7.

Despite the melt-down on the 4th, today did a lot to restore my confidence. I ended up with 51 and 15 putts, and with 17 points almost played to my handicap. A more sensible score on the 4th would have put me below handicap. The reduced club set in the bag seems to be working well, with the 23 degree hybrid surprising me occasionally in terms of length.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 21 June 2018

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