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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 21/03/16

Sometimes nothing seems to go right, and today was one of those days. In fact I debated even writing up the diary as there wasn't very much positive to report. But I suppose that you have to take the rough with the smooth, although in my case for smooth read 'not so rough'.

I had 20 balls on the range before starting and to be honest things weren't going to well at that stage. My drives were drifting right, which may have been due in part to the crosswind, and the 5-wood off the mat wasn't too encouraging either.

The tee shot off the 1st was actually good, 150 yards onto the fairway, but I then came down on top of the ball with my 5-wood, trickling the ball some 25 yards. The following 5-wood at 158 yards was more like it, but it drifted right into long rough. The hybrid shot out was short, followed by a 7-iron that was long, requiring another back onto the green for 6, and then two putts for a gross 8.

The 2nd wasn't much better. A cautious drive to the left overdid it somewhat and ended up in the far green bunker on the 8th. I tried to loft out with a 9-iron but thinned it, the shot hitting a tree, and rebounding back, but at least it ended up on the fairway. A poor 5-wood followed by a 7-iron got me on the green for 4, but I then three-putted for a gross 7.

The 3rd was spoilt by a muffed chip, having put the tee shot just short of the green. A second chip got me on and with two putts a gross 5. The tricky 4th started well with a 170 yard drive but I then completely muffed the next hybrid shot, pushing the ball only a few yards. The next shot with the same club was far better but unfortunately it came to rest close to a conifer, requiring a low 7-iron shot that only got halfway to the green. The next 7-iron chip never made it either, but third time lucky and I then single putted for a gross 7.

A good tee shot on the 5th landed just short of the green, and a sensible 7-iron chip allowed me a single putt for a true par. Eureka!

It all went haywire again on the 6th. My longish drive went left onto the bank and the hybrid shot from there wasn't great. However, a then pitched on for 3, only to four-putt - yes, four putt - for a gross 7. Inexcusable, but not surprising considering how I was playing. The 7th wasn't too bad, but another three-putt left me with a gross 7. I also got a gross 7 on the 8th, dropping a shot by over pitching my 7-iron and needing to chip back on.

The first three shots on the 9th were reasonable, but for the fourth I needed to loft over some pretty high trees. I completely failed and instead thinned the ball to the right and was lucky not to run into the lake. From there I again needed to pitch over trees, although they weren't quite as high. But I thinned the shot again and was lucky that it actually made the green, by way of the ground rather than the air. I needed three putts to finish leaving me with a gross 8 on this par 5.

So there wasn't anything very inspiring. It was an overcast day with a cold wind and we were playing as a four-ball. We had to let two separate two-balls through, which meant some waiting around, which is never good when the weather is cold. I think the constant presence of the two-balls behind may have also caused me to rush a few shots. Put simply I just didn't play very well.

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Scorecard - 21 March 2016

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