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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 22/08/16

Our Monday practice round. It was very warm and the wind was gusting strongly, causing a few problems along the way. It turned out that I was to have seven reasonable holes, bookended by a bad start and a bad finish on the two par 5s.

I had been watching the women's Olympic golf final day yesterday and taking pointers from their game. One thing I did notice is that they tend to hold the grip lower than I would normally do, so today I tried repositioning my hands. I'm not sure if this made a great deal of difference as I had good shots and bad ones, much the same as usual.

My drive on the 1st just crept into the trees on the left but was quite long. I topped the ball with my 8-iron clearance only managing about 80 yards and then muffed a hybrid shot leaving me about 170 yards from the green after three shots. I took my 5-wood and managed to pull it left, the ball sailing into the lake. I took another shot only to do almost the same thing again, although this time the ball bounced off a fence post, but still managed to find itself behind the fence and unplayable. So a drop and pitch on for 7, and two putts for 9. A nett triple bogey.
Hole 2 - 22 August 2016
On the 2nd my hybrid tee shot clipped a tree on the left, dropping to leave me 180 yards from the green. I amazingly hit my 20 degree hybrid out of the light rough and reached the green. If I could do that every time with this club I wouldn't bother with the driver. An unfortunate three-putt nevertheless gave me 5 for a nett par.

I was short of the green on the 3rd having teed off with my hybrid. My 7-iron chip ran too far and just went off the back of the green. I needed to putt back on and putted out for 4, a nett par.

On the 4th my drive drifted right into the trees, a combination of a slice and the crosswind. I played out over trees with my 8-iron and then took a hybrid that got me to within 30 yards of the pin. A gap wedge was followed by a longish putt for a 5, a nett birdie.

My hybrid tee shot on the par 3, 5th drifted right leaving me pin high about 5 yards from the green, the pin being on the far side. My 7-iron chip was short and I needed three putts to get down for 5, a nett bogey.

I hit a nice low hybrid shot off the 6th tee, avoiding the effect of the crosswind. Another hybrid got me to within 40 yards of the green and I pitched to just off the left of the green with my 8-iron. Two putts gave me a 5 for a nett par.

My hybrid tee shot sliced and drifted right in the wind on the 7th: so much for the hybrid being more reliable than the driver. I tried to hit the next hybrid shot over trees but it was a downhill lie and the ball didn't clear the trees. A lucky hybrid out of the trees allowed me to hit the next one pin high to the right of the green. I putted on and then single putted for 6, a nett par.

I miss-hit my drive on the 8th, only making 77 yards into rough. A good hybrid got me going again and another one put me about 90 yards from the green. I pitched on with my 8-iron but the ball rolled off the left. I chipped back on with my 7-iron but needed two putts to get down, giving me a 7 for a nett bogey.

And so to the 9th, where things went wrong again. My hybrid tee shot drifted wildly right, from where I played another getting me nicely back to the centre of the fairway. Then I put the next hybrid shot on to the bank to the right, and among the trees. The lie was awful and I only managed a few yards with my 7-iron, needing another 7-iron to get me back into play. Now on 5, I pitched a 9-iron to the green but was short. I putted on and then took two more putts to get down for 9, the same as on the 1st. Another nett triple bogey.

The grim total was 55 strokes, but considering I had a nine on both the 1st and the 9th that wasn't actually that bad, and I managed 13 Stableford points. Yet again, getting into trouble off the fairway was my downfall.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 22 August 2016

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