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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 22/12/16

A cold day but at least it was dry with a fair amount of sun. Unfortunately people in front were playing a pathetically slow game and we ended up taking 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete 9 holes. Not so bad in the summer, but waiting to take nearly every shot in cold weather is no fun. I started well but whether it was the frustration, or perhaps just the cold, but things went steadily downhill as the round progressed.

On the 1st, I was just off the green for 4, courtesy of four hybrid shots. I putted on, leaving the ball close to the hole, and then single putted in for a nett par 6.
Hole 2 - 22 December 2016
A 160 yards hybrid tee shot on the 2nd set me up for the second hybrid shot onto the green. Two putts for a par, a nett birdie.

I slightly topped the ball on my tee shot on the 3rd, leaving me short but not in any trouble. A 9-iron pitch and two putts for a nett par 4.

So a strong start, but now things started to unravel. My hybrid tee shot on the 4th was long at 160 yards, but it went left onto a bank. I took a 7-iron and chipped back onto the fairway. This left me within range of the lake so I took the 7-iron again with the intention of gaining perhaps 90 yards, much the same as the previous shot. But I shanked the shot and ended up under a conifer to the right. I tapped out with the 7-iron, putting me back on the fairway again, but now on my 5th shot. My 8-iron went left, landing just inside the water hazard, where it was embedded in a mole hill. A free drop (burrowing animal) and I chipped on with my 9-iron for 6. I needed two putts so ended up with a nett double bogey 8.

I birdied the 5th last time out, but not today. My hybrid tee shot drifted right onto the bank. I chipped on with the 9-iron but left myself a long putt. In fact I four-putted for a nett double bogey 6 - unforgivable.

Two hybrids and a 7-iron got me on the green for 3 at the 6th. I then three-putted for a nett bogey 6, wasting the good approach.

On the longer 7th (407 yards) I again was on the green for 3, and as I get two shots on this hole I was set for gaining some points, but I again three-putted for a nett par 6. Again the good approach was wasted.

The putting again let me down on the 8th, a long (440 yard) par 4. I was on the green for 4 but three-putted for a nett bogey 7.

Although things had not gone so well, particularly in terms of putting, it hadn't been a disaster. The 9th, however, changed that. My hybrid tee shot went along the ground for a mere 70 yards. The next one was about the same. As was the next, although in this case it skewed left and ended up under a small conifer. A 7-iron put me back on the fairway with no real gain in distance. I then miss-hit the next hybrid and was under trees again. I actually finally managed to hit the next hybrid shot properly, the ball fortunately just making it through some trees to the right of the fairway, leaving me about 110 yards from the green. Of course, I missed the green with my 8-iron and had to chip on, now on 8. Two putts took me into double figures for a 10.

So in the end it was 57 shots, a disgraceful 21 putts (although the spiked winter greens aren't too clever at the moment) and 11 points.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 22 December 2016

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