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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 22/09/16

Back to the course after two weeks holiday. Today was to get myself back into the swing of things prior to a 'Mad Cats Day' tomorrow.

It started well enough. My 5-wood off the tee on the 1st went left and as is often the case ended up under the branches of a tree. I jabbed a 7-iron out then hit a decent 5-wood leaving me about 100 yards from the green. I made the green but was to the right leaving a longish putt. I got down in two for a 6, nett par.

Unfortunately on the 2nd my hybrid tee shot bounced to the right and ended up in the ditch. We couldn't find it so I took a drop from what is a water hazard for a one stroke penalty. The ball almost rolled back in on the sloping ground, leaving me an awkward lie. The 7-iron wasn't clean and only went about 70 yards. From there I over-pitched with an 8-iron to the back of the green. A 7-iron chip and a single longish putt got me a 6, nett bogie.

I miss-hit the hybrid tee shot on the 3rd, which went about 70 yards slightly left. I took an 8-iron from there playing over the bunker and was pin high to the right of the hole. The first putt was close but I needed another for a 4, nett par. Things weren't going to badly.

A lovely 5-wood tee shot on the 4th took me 184 yards and the following hybrid added another 152 yards. My 9-iron to the green was then frustratingly short, needing another 8-iron chip to get on. Two putts gave me a 6, nett par on this index 1 hole.

My hybrid tee shot on the par 3, 5th was short and ended up in the right hand bunker. It was a bit too far for my sand wedge so I tried picking the ball off with my gap wedge. I was a bit thin and the ball crossed the green to the far side rough. My 7-iron chip was close to the hole but then rolled away on the crowned green. My putt back was also agonisingly close but I needed another for a 5, nett bogie.

So far so good, but then I pulled my tee shot on the 6th and seemed also to put a draw on it, which is most unusual for me. The ball crossed the bank to the left leaving me the need to clear the trees on top of the bank to get back on the fairway. A lofted 8-iron did the trick but the ball unfortunately ended up under tree branches on the other side of the fairway, the story of my day. I tried to get out with my pitching wedge as I needed to clear further trees in front of me, but only succeeded in hitting one of them. A gap wedge got me on the green from there and then two putts for a 6, nett bogie, which wasn't all that bad considering how I got there.

The 7th went well. A good 5-wood off the tee followed by another, and then a hybrid on to the green for three. Two putts for 5 gave me a nett birdie.

I had now played 38 for 7 holes but the 8th was to finish any hopes of a good final score. My 5-wood off the tee went wildly left into the trees on the bank that separates the 7th and 8th fairways. Of course when I found the ball it was under tree branches, again. I tapped it out with the 7-iron then hit a lofted hybrid over the bank and trees back to the 8th fairway. Again I was a bit unlucky as the ball ended up in rough and my 7-iron out only gained 75 yards. Now on 4, I played an 8-iron to the green but it went left. I fluffed the simple chip and then had to putt on, another putt in giving me a total of 8.

I started the 9th conservatively with a hybrid tee shot that had no chance of reaching the lake. A 5-wood then put me well up the fairway, but the next one decided to go dead straight rather than the usual left to right trajectory. I had relied on it turning right but instead it went into trees and the ball ended up, yes you've guessed, under conifer branches. All I could do was tap it out with the putter, but I didn't really get it clear, and my next 7-iron caught branches on the backswing, gaining me only a few more yards. I pitched to the green but was off it to the left and needed to chip on with my 7-iron. Now on 7 the hole was lost, and two putts made it 9. What a terrible finish.

Yet again lack of fairway accuracy cost me dear. It wasn't all bad as I had some good shots and up to the 6th I hadn't had higher than a 6 on any hole. But two terrible holes at the end ruined the round. Let's hope the Mad Cats tomorrow goes a bit better.

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Scorecard - 22 September 2016

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