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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 23/08/18

Another frustrating day. The day before I had tried out my 3-wood on the driving range and was pleased with the way it performed. Previous experience with this club was that of unwanted slices, but on the range the balls were going straight and long. So I decided to take the driver out of the bag and go with the 3-wood. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake. Yet again, play was painfully slow, meaning that we had people waiting behind us on a lot of the tees. Just what you need when you're making a hash of things.

It started well on the 1st. The 3-wood cracked off making a 170 yard fairway shot. Two middling hybrids followed by a nice 8-iron put me on for 4, my putt stopping no more than an inch from the cup to rob me of a par. Nett par 6. The euphoria didn't last long. On the 2nd I had taken the hybrid out of the bag for the tee shot, fearing I would slice out-of-bounds with the 3-wood. But my confidence got the better of me, and I returned for the 3-wood. Result. A slice out-of-bounds. I took a second off the tee with the hybrid but it wasn't that great, needing a drop off the path. I then sliced again and put a second ball out-of-bounds. Now on 5, my 7-iron made the green but I needed two putts for a blobbed 8.

I tried to lay up with an iron off the 3rd tee, but made a mess of the shot, leaving me still 90 yards from the green. I recovered with an 8-iron onto the green, with then three putts for a nett par 5. I went over the ball with the 3-wood off the 4th tee, a good hybrid getting me back in play. A well placed 7-iron left me an easy pitch to the green, which I messed up, needing another to get on. Two putts for a nett bogey 7.

With two guys waiting right behind us I managed 40 yards with my hybrid off the 5th tee. I then shanked an 8-iron that went up onto the bank to the right, rolled down and ended up in the bunker. I picked it out quite deftly with my gap wedge and two-putted for a well-recovered 5, nett bogy. I got the 3-wood away on the 6th, and used the same club again to leave me a pitch to the green. Two putts for an undramatic nett par 5.

The 7th wasn't too bad. I again took the 3-wood off the tee and for the second shot. My 7-iron was then short and although I hit a nice lofted gap wedge, it ran on to the edge of the sloping green, leaving me a long putt back. I needed three putts, having misjudged a lazy short knock-in. This left me with a nett bogey 7 rather than a nett par. On the 8th, I again took the 3-wood off the tee and for the second shot. My hybrid then didn't quite make the green, but I chipped on and two-putted for a nett par 6.

At this point, despite some pretty haphazard play, and a disaster on the 2nd, I had managed to keep things reasonably respectable. The 9th finished all that. Once again with the guys standing behind us, I managed a stately 60 yards with a badly hit 3-wood. I then lazily tried to play out of the rough with the same club and added 10 yards! Taking my hybrid I got going again. Trying to make up lost ground with the 3-wood the ball curved right leaving me with trees to the front. A bold attempt at a 6-iron over the trees failed miserably, as did the following 4-iron that I took to try to hit a low ball through a gap in the trees. Now on 7, I pitched on, but to cap things off three-putted for a 10.

So it was a 59 with 20 putts, and 11 points. The driver is going back in the bag as it's obvious that I can't reliably hit the 3-wood off the tee. I'll keep it in the bag since with a good lie it can produce a useful shot on the approach.

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Scorecard - 23 August 2018

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