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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 23/03/17

It was really disappointing today. A bright day after heavy overnight rain with a fresh south-westerly wind, so conditions weren't too bad. It was just my golf.

A short tee shot off the 1st stayed out of trouble, with the next two shots being mediocre at best, leaving me in thick grass off to the right. My attempt to dig the ball out with my 5-iron failed on the first attempt, being little more than an air shot. The second attempt wasn't much better but at least put me 70 yards nearer the pin. My 7-iron pitch was slightly long and off the green to the right. I putted on then needed two putts to finish with a blobbed 9.

I looked up on the 2nd, causing my tee shot to be thin and skew left. With a tree obstructing a direct shot to the green, and the perilous ditch to the right, I was cautious and luckily hit a shot that was again thin but hugged the ground and thus avoided the tree. My next hybrid was clean and got me just short of the green. I then made a poor 8-iron chip and needed two putts to finish with a nett bogey 6.

My tee shot on the 3rd arced right but landed safely in light rough short of the green. My 7-iron chip and run dug in the soft ground and left me a very long putt, which I didn't get, ending up with two putts and a nett bogey 5.

I had a good tee shot on the 4th and a good second. Trying to clear the lake with the third I pushed it right, ending up in rough by the trees. The ball was by the edge of a mole-hill mound and my 8-iron wasn't great, going to the left of the green, again in rough. Taking the 8-iron again I thinned the chip and ended up off the back of the long green. I putted on and then single putted for a nett bogey 7.

My tee shot on the 5th was pin high but off the left of the green, in another poor lie. The 7-iron chip wasn't bad this time but left me a challenging putt, which was just short. A nett par 4.

I had a poor tee shot on the 6th, ending up short of the fairway in rough. However, a crisp hybrid clearance put me about 30 yards from the pin. Yet again I muffed the chip, leaving myself a long putt. The putter touched ground as I swung through, leaving we well short, and I needed two more putts for a nett bogey 6. A poor outcome after the good second shot.

I made a long tee shot on the 7th, only to have a poor second. I recovered with the next hybrid shot leaving myself about 50 yards from the pin. Yet again the chip shot was rubbish as I dug in the soft ground. The next was then thin, putting me off the back of the green. I chipped back on with the 7-iron and two-putted for a blobbed 8.

I had three successive reasonable hybrid shots on the 8th leaving me a simple chip onto the green. But today my chipping was dire and yet again I only just made the green, leaving a very long putt. In fact I needed three, for a nett bogey 7.

My tee shot was short on the 9th but I followed up with two good hybrids. All I needed to do was put a 50 yards pitch on to the green, but I shanked it off to the right. I then chipped on for 5 but was just short with the putt, ending up with a nett par 7.

To summarise today is to bemoan the hapless state of my pitching and chipping. I threw away a number of shots after having had reasonable approaches to the greens. My tee and fairway shots weren't perfect by a long way, but they were good enough to have got me in on nett par if only I hadn't messed up so many short iron shots. In the end it was a 59 with 9 points and 19 putts, the increased number of putts being largely due to the poor chipping. I least I know what I've got to practise.

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Scorecard - 23 March 2017

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