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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 23/11/17

Today was a story of poor play around the greens and terrible putting. Add to that a few not-so-good ground strokes and the result wasn't very impressive. The wind was partly a factor, a squall passing over while we were on the 7th with very strong gusts but fortunately only a few drops of rain. We were on the edge of it. Somebody else got the full treatment!

The 1st wasn't too bad. Certainly better than some recent happenings on this hole. I had a good drive followed by a reasonable 4-iron, only to be thick on the next 4-iron, hitting more mud than ball. The next shot was far better putting me just short of the green in rough to the left. A pathetic gap wedge (I slowed up on the swing!) left me still off the green, although I could putt on. Two more putts for a nett bogey 7.

A longish drive on the 2nd should have allowed me to reach the green for two, but my 8-iron again took too much divot leaving me short. A pitching wedge shot was also just short needing a putt on. I then missed a short putt, the second giving me a nett bogey 6.

My drive on the short 3rd was just off the green. My 8-iron chip was woefully short and then I three-putted, again missing a short putt. A nett par 5.

The 4th was sad. A reasonable drive was followed by a perfectly placed 5-iron played from the rough. My 8-iron to the green hit the bank on the right but rolled down to just off the green. I chipped on with the 8-iron, missed the first putt, then missed a short second. So three putts for a nett bogey 7 after being just off the green for three.

I miss-hit my drive on the 5th, going left into rough about 70 yards out. A good pitching wedge shot out was just short of the green, from where I pitched on. The pitch was good but I again missed the putt, finishing with a nett bogey 5.

On the 6th after a shortish drive I hit a good 5-iron that just cleared the high trees between me and the green, although the ball touched a small branch and stopped short of the green. I putted on and had a simple putt for a par, but I missed it! So a nett par 5.

A great drive on the 7th, that was actually hit slightly off the sweet spot, went off low into what was now a very gusty wind. The next 4-iron wasn't great, but then I hit a better one that unfortunately veered right and ended up in a bunker. I picked the ball out with the pitching wedge, not trusting the sand wedge in the heavy sand. I then completely muffed a gap wedge shot, needing another to get on. And then, in keeping with the previous holes, a made a mess of the putting adding three more shots for a blobbed 9. Ridiculous when I was just off the green for 4.

Fortunately the 8th was a lot better. I put the drive to the right of the fairway to avoid the bank and trees to the left. The second of two respectable 4-irons saw the ball roll into a bunker to the right. This time I played a blinder with my pitching wedge, leaving me a short putt, which fortunately this time I sunk for a nett birdie 5.

The 9th didn't start too badly. The drive was straight and clear of the lake that traps many tee shots. My 4-iron then skewed right and wasn't that long. From the rough I played a very mediocre 5-iron that at least left me a straight shot to the green. The 4-iron again skewed right, the ball settling near the lake but not in trouble. I thinned the pitching wedge sending the ball to the far side of the green. An 8-iron chip back off an awkward slope was followed by two putts for a blobbed 8.

Then end result was a 57 with 18 putts and 11 points. With an 8 and a 9, and 3 putts on three of the holes I couldn't have expected much better. Quite disappointing overall, although my driving was consistent, with 86% on the fairway according to Game Golf.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 23 November 2017

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