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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 24/08/17

If I hadn't pulled the third shot on the 1st today, I would perhaps have had my best ever 9 holes. But if is a word one tends to use a lot in golf, it's what separates what you think you can achieve from what you actually deliver. That aside, my driving was very consistent and I had some good iron shots, so on balance I was more than pleased. Conditions were good, with the fairways recently cut, although the wind stiffened towards the end. And amazingly we didn't have any slow play up front, so we could progress at our normal pace without having to wait around, something that can disrupt your flow.

As I've said, the 1st went a bit wrong. My drive was superb at 190 yards centre fairway. The hybrid second was also good at 160 yards. I then pulled the next hybrid shot, which seemed be heading for the lake. In fact it had stopped in the rough at the side of the lake, but my shot was obstructed by an old section of fence that had been laid on the ground. This gave me a free drop. All I needed to do was play across the bunker onto the slightly elevated green, but I grounded my pitching wedge while making a quarter shot, and the ball went in the bunker. It took me two to get out, from where I putted on to the green, but then needed two more putts to get down for a 9. When you think that my third shot was almost pin high, if I hadn't pulled it I would have been on the green for 3, with the possibility of a 6 at worst. So three or perhaps 4 shots thrown away.

From this point on things went a lot better. My drive on the 2nd would have been long but it clipped a tree on the left and dropped onto the edge of the fairway below it. My hybrid went into the left-side bunker but this time I got out, put a gap wedge on the green and single-putted for a nett-par 5.
Hole 4 - 24 August 2017
I took my driver on the short 3rd but was driving too well today and the ball ran through ending up in trees at the back, technically out of bounds. But as it was a friendly outing I just dropped back in bounds and chipped up with my 8-iron, taking a single penalty. I needed three putts to finish with a nett bogey 6.

The drive on the 4th was the best of the day at 201 yards. This left me much closer to the lake than normal, so I took my 8-iron to lay up. In fact I hit it well and at 136 yards it would have reached the lake, but fortunately was accurate enough to have avoided it. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett birdie 5, a good result on this hole, which at times has caused me much grief.

Having learnt my lesson on the 3rd, I took a hybrid on the short 5th. A less than perfect contact left me short and in the bunker. I got out and then chipped on with my gap wedge. Two putts for a nett bogey 5.

After a longish drive on the 6th I was about 125 yards from the pin. Another clean 8-iron put me just off the left of the green, from where I putted on and then single-putted for a true par, nett birdie.

My drive on the 7th drifted a bit right, leaving me with trees to the front. An intended low 7-iron didn't quite work out, as the ball lofted and caught one of the tree brancjes, but fortunately went through and onto the fairway. But I only gained about 30 yards. A lovely hybrid (150 yards) put me near the green, and a gap wedge and two putts gave me a nett par 6.

Another straight and long (190 yard) drive on the 8th was followed by an equally impressive hybrid (165 yards), leaving me a pitch to the green on this long par 4. The pitch was OK but I needed two putts for a nett birdie 5.

So could I hold things together for the 9th? I grounded the driver causing my tee shot to be short, but it was straight and not in trouble. My next hybrid was good. The following shot drifted right and just clipped a tree, but it went through, leaving me a pitch to the green. This was a bit short because I looked up during the shot and was thin. I played a chip-and-run 7-iron as the pin was at the back. It ran past the pin but I managed the putt back for a nett par 6.

So despite a 9 on the 1st, I came in with 51 and 16 putts, and 17 Stableford points. It could so easily have been a 48.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 24 August 2017

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