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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 24/03/16

Yet another day of hope that ended with the now familiar story of mistakes and missed opportunities. Such is golf.

Rain was forecast for 1pm so the decision was made to play only 9 holes, which proved to be a good decision as the rain arrived precisely as predicted.

The tee shot on the 1st was a bit leftish and settled in light rough, but at just under 180 yards it was long for me. The next hybrid shot was also long taking me to the 150 yard marker, but it settled on a small hill in long grass. Unfortunately I muffed my attempt to hit a long hybrid shot out of this lie, and also left the next shot short of the green. I was finally on the green for 5 and two-putted for a gross 7.

I hit another crisp drive on the second but it just clipped a tree on the left, sending it further left, from where I had to play a safety shot back onto the fairway. My pitch from there was short, meaning I was on the green for 4, two-putting for a gross 6.

My 5-wood tee shot on the 3rd was wild, slicing right into what used to be deemed standing water, but has recently been designated a water hazard, as the standing water has become a permanent feature. My drop therefore incurred a one point penalty, and I didn't have an approach shot from the drop point, meaning I had to play a safety shot sideways onto the short stuff. I then pitched on for 4, but annoyingly three-putted for a gross 7 on this par 3.

My tee shot on the 4th really cracked away, hit a bank on the left at about 170 yards, and incredibly bounced off to reach 199 yards. Unfortunately my next shot ran a bit further than I would have liked putting me close to the trees on the right. I needed two iron shots to reach the green for 4, which isn't at all bad for this hole, but then three-putted for a gross 7 to spoil it all.

I put my 5-wood tee shot on the green of the 5th and parred it. Once again my drive went left on the 6th and I miss-hit my hybrid shot, requiring a second attempt, which still didn't make the green. An 8-iron pitch and two putts gave me a gross 6. The 7th was uneventful after a good drive followed by a 5-wood, each making 163 yards. My 8-iron left me just off the green, from where I putted on, but then missed a fairly easy putt that would have given me a nett birdie. As it was I got a gross 6, nett par.

I had a cracking 198 yard straight drive on the 8th. The next 5-wood wasn't bad either, but I then needed two iron shots and a putt to get me on, and two more putts to finish for a gross 7, nett bogey. The 9th was a mixed bag. A good drive albeit left, followed by a reasonable hybrid, but then a topped 5-wood that amazingly made 90 yards. Another hybrid and an 8-iron got me on the green for 5, where I two-putted for a gross 7, net bogey.

Tee shot 8th hole - 24 March 2016

My drive on the 8th

While my score wasn't great, and although I had a few muffed ground shots, there were some positives to take away from today. I had some good long drives. Towards the end I successfully compensated for the tendency for the drives to go left by altering my stance slightly, although this is still a work in progress. I experimented with short pitches and chips by taking a shorter backswing, and an accelerating stroke, rather than trying to moderate the speed of the swing to match the distance required. This tip was given to us by the Pro at Wimblington on Monday and it is certainly worth some more perseverance.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 24 March 2016

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