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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 25/08/16

Another middling 9 holes today. After a scorching day yesterday and rain overnight, the humidity was high but there wasn't any wind.

I again drove into the left hand trees on the 1st. A creditable 201 yards but in the wrong direction! I tried to loft over the trees with my 8-iron but didn't strike the ball clean and was lucky that it went through the trees and landed off the edge of the fairway. A good 163 yard 5-wood got me back into business but my 8-iron was short and I had to putt onto the green, then needed two putts to finish with a nett bogey 7. Better than the 9 last time but still disappointing.

I pulled my hybrid shot off the 2nd tee, which went violently left, the ball landing on the 8th green, where it would have been set up for a single putt! I free dropped off the green then unwisely took a hybrid to make up for lost distance, only to send the ball into the ditch on the far side of the fairway. I was lucky to find the ball, the ditch now being almost dry. A penalty drop and I put the 9-iron into the right hand bunker. Out in one and two putts for a nett double bogey 7. It was a matter of going from one hazard into another.

Things improved on the 3rd. The hybrid tee shot was in the rough, pin high to the right of the green. A 7-iron chip and one putt for a par 3, nett birdie.

My drive on the 4th found the fairway bunker on the right. A reasonable 9-iron out left me about 160 yards from the green. I didn't expect to reach it but went with my 20 degree hybrid hoping to get close. It went right into the trees but fortunately bounced back out from a rebound, leaving me about 60 yards from the pin. A 9-iron and two putts for a nett par 6.

I didn't strike the ball well with my hybrid off the 5th tee, the ball clearing the bunkers but landing short to the right of the green. A gap wedge shot was short and although the first putt almost went in, I needed another to finish for a nett par 4.

There seems to be a magnetic field on the 6th that draws my ball to the left, and yet again I was on the bank. A tricky shot with the ball well below my feet, the outcome being a half-hit shot that went left into trees. I got out with a 7-iron but didn't have a line to the green, another 7-iron getting me on for 4. Two putts for a nett bogey 6. This is an easy hole that I should at least nett par, or preferably par, so 6 was a disappointment.

My drive again went right on the 7th. I had been experimenting with the driver to try to get a method of ensuring less variability of direction. This time I actually increased my backswing, and it obviously didn't work. I was so far right that I had a line through a gap in the trees that would cut off the dogleg in the hole. I nearly got away with it but was a shade too far right and the ball ended up tight against a tree. It looked playable but when I struck it with my 7-iron it literally went vertical and fell about ten feet away. At least I now had a reasonable lie, and with the 7-iron again I almost made the green. A 9-iron chip and two putts for a nett bogey 7.

Yet another slightly sliced drive on the 8th, but the lie was good and I played a good 5-wood out. I judged that my 23 degree hybrid would get me on the green, which it did, but the ball ran through into the rough at the back. A 7-iron chip and two putts for a nett par 6.

For the 9th I decided to forsake the driver. When it work's it's great, but it wasn't working today. I have a Mad Cats' outing tomorrow at Wyboston Lakes and given the performance of the driver today I was thinking that I should leave it behind. With this in mind I took my 5-wood off the 9th tee. I aimed a bit left as there is a water hazard right, but overdid it a bit. The lie was however OK, and I went for another 5-wood but thinned the shot which ran along the ground into trees. The ball ended up under a small conifer and I was lucky to get it out using my 23 degree hybrid held down the shaft, the ball settling on the far side of the fairway about 190 yards from the green. A reasonable 5-wood set me up for a 9-iron pitch, which unfortunately shanked a bit right, leaving me with a very long putt. The putt was good but I needed another to tap in for a nett bogey 7.

So what did I take away from today's round? First and foremost the driver wasn't at all reliable, with not one drive landing on the fairway. Looking at the course at Wyboston for tomorrow I won't be able to afford such a lack of accuracy, so the driver won't be going. I had nothing above a 7 today, but had four of them which isn't good, leaving me with a total of 53, and 13 Stableford points. I should have managed at most a 6 on the two par 4s where I got 7s. Putting wasn't bad, 16 overall with two singles and seven two-putts.

Here's the scorecard:

Scorecard - 25 August 2016

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