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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 25/07/16

A warm but not excessively hot day with light winds.

I managed to redeem myself a bit after last Thursday's meltdown. In fact things started off similarly, with my first drive going left into the trees. This time, though, I had space to loft an 8-iron over the trees back onto the fairway, from where I hit a good 5-wood to within 50 yards of the green. The following 9-iron shanked right of the green, and my 7-iron chip was feeble, but with two putts for a 7, I managed a nett bogie. If I had made a decent 9-iron it could have easily been a par 5.

On the 2nd, again like last Thursday, I put my hybrid tee shot into the left side trees. The clearance was poor but a good hybrid took me to the right of the green. The 7-iron chip was again weak and I needed two putts for a nett bogie 6.

My hybrid tee shot on the 3rd didn't connect well and left me well short of the green, with a willow restricting the height of my next shot. I tried running a 20 degree hybrid low under the branches but overdid it, ending up off the back of what is a long green. Having had weak 7-iron chips on the 1st and 2nd I proceeded to overhit one through the green, but at least I wasn't too far from the pin. An off-green putt stopped literally on the lip of the hole, a knock in giving me 5 for another nett bogie. At least I had scored on all holes thus far.

A reasonably good drive on the 4th followed by a hybrid that was heading for the lake, but didn't reach it, left me about 90 yards from the green. My 8-iron was short and I chipped on with the 7-iron and two putted for 6, a nett par on the hole. A sweet hybrid on the par 3, 5th put me on the green with a birdie chance. I didn't quite make it but made the par, a nett birdie for me.

Hole 5 - 25 July 2016

On the 6th my drive ended up on the bank to the left of the fairway and for a change I actually managed to take a decent shot, banks being one of my problem areas. The shot was within 20 yards of the green and I chipped on with the 7-iron but didn't quite make the first putt. Two putts for 5 was still a nett par.

A long drive on the 7th went right leaving me close to trees. I thought I could loft a 9-iron over but shanked it further into the trees. Fortunately I then managed to direct a 20 degree hybrid shot through the trees, low enough not to catch any branches. The following hybrid shot fortunately cleared the right hand bunker, where it shouldn't have been in the first place. A gap wedge chip left me just off the green, but close to the pin that was near the edge. I putted in from there for a 6, which was another nett par.

On the 8th a reasonable drive was followed by a very good hybrid (175 yards). The next hybrid shot rolled off the back of the green, although the pin was towards the back. A 7-iron and a putt gave me 5 for a nett birdie.

I hit a short hybrid on the 9th to take the lake and bunker out of play. A couple of good 5-woods then got me within range of the green, but unfortunately the second one drifted too close to trees on the right, hitting one and rebounding off. Once again I took the 20 degree hybrid to hit a low shot out of the trees and it got me close to the green, from where a 7-iron chip and one putt gave me a 6, a nett par on this par 5.

When I totalled up my 49 shots (17 points) I was surprised as I didn't think I had played that well. But I scored on every hole, which always makes a difference.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 25 July 2016

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