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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 25/10/18

Yet another glorious autumn day that started with a bit of a chill in the air but warmed up as the sun did its work while the wind stayed away. Perfect conditions in fact, and a good start for me, but as usual a few mistakes robbed me of that sub-handicap round.

A good clean drive on the 1st made 170 yards and was in the centre of the fairway. Two hybrids and an 8-iron put me on the green where I didn't quite manage a par 5, taking 6 for a nett par. Another safe drive on the 2nd followed by a 7-iron left me just short of the green. A chip on and two putts gave me a 5 for another nett par. I took my driver on the short 3rd and was just off the right of the green. A gap wedge on and two putts for a nett birdie 4. A long drive on the 4th followed by two well-placed 7-irons left me a chip on and one putt for a nett birdie 5.

So after four holes I had 10 points. But the 5th rather spoiled things. I took the driver and put the ball just off the left of the green in thick grass. The club head stuck in the grass for my chip leaving me a long putt. The ball caught a pitch mark and was short on my first putt. I then was long on the next and the slope of the green carried the ball well past the hole. I didn't make the return putt needing a fourth putt to get down. Having almost made the green with my drive I ended up with a blobbed 6.

My drive on the 6th was poor not making the fairway. I recovered distance with my hybrid but then was short with my pitch, needing another chip to get on. Two putts gave me a nett bogey 6. On the 7th my drive was good and a hybrid left me a 6-iron to the green. I was just short and then my chip on was long. I had a good putt back that left what was almost a tap-in, but I missed it, thus getting a nett bogey 7 rather than a nett par.

The long 8th went reasonably well. After a clean drive and two hybrids I put an 8-iron pitch close to the pin and single-putted for a nett birdie 5. At this point I could have returned a good round if I made the 9th with a 6. But it wasn't to be. My drive was short and it left me a shot over the lake, which I sent along the ground, luckily skirting the edge of the lake. I then put a hybrid right, putting trees between me and the green. I again miss-hit the hybrid and agin I was fortunate that the ball skirted the trees. My 8-iron was then short, needing another chip to get on. Two putts gave me a blobbed 8.

I came in on 52 with 19 putts and 15 points. The four putts on the 5th ruined my putting stats while the poor shots on the 9th removed any chance of coming in on handicap. The missed short putt on the 7th was also frustrating. But I started well, and can take some comfort from that.

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Scorecard - 25 October 2018

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