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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 25/09/18

I missed my Monday golf this week because it was a 'French' Monday, when I go to my U3A French group. So I joined Helen and her friends on the Tuesday, playing off the red tee boxes to be social. That should have made things easier, but I managed to make quite a hash of things. No excuses, the weather was good, the only negative being the rock-hard fairways that still have lots of bald spots.

I was in the left-side trees off the 1st tee, clearing poorly, and then hitting a mediocre hybrid. My 8-iron then left the ball precariously balanced on the edge of the bunker, from where I hit across the green, needing another chip back on. Three putts then sealed my fate with an 8. The 2nd was an absolute disaster. I thought I had found the right-side ditch with my drive, but the ball was in fact just on the edge of the slope, well beneath my feet. I had an air shot with my first attempt, and almost another with the next. Third time lucky but still well short of the green, from where I took a chip and run shot. Three putts finished the debacle with a 9!

A badly hit hybrid off the 3rd was followed by an 8-iron into the bunker. I got out, putted on and single-putted for a 5, nett par. After a clean drive on the 4th I put the next 8-iron shot just inside the tree line to the right. I took a 6-iron out to keep the ball low, but needed another chip to get on, after which two putts gave me a nett par 6. The 5th was a ray of sunshine among the clouds of disaster. A hybrid tee shot put me just off the green followed by a putt on and a single putt for a par.

The 6th wasn't too bad. The drive was short but an 8-iron left me with an easy chip on. Two putts for a nett par 5. After a good drive on the 7th I completely fluffed a 3-wood, the ball hardly moving. The next attempt with the same club was better, and this was followed by an 8-iron onto the green. Unfortunately I needed three putts to finish with a nett bogey 7.

I went deep into the trees on the left of the 8th fairway, taking a 6-iron out to keep the ball low. A‑3 wood then recovered some ground, followed by an 8-iron to the green. Two putts for a nett par 6 after a bad start. The 9th was another disaster. The drive was safe but I then hit my hybrid shot left into a bunker. It took me two to get out. I tried to recover with the 3-wood but it wasn't a good shot, needing another shot to the green. Once more I took three putts pushing the total up to 9.

The outcome was 58 and 19 putts, with 12 points. Hardly inspiring off the shorter red tee boxes.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 25 September 2018

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