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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 26/06/18

I went out with Helen today and we played the back nine. I played off the red tee boxes with her to be sociable, which also of course reduced the difficulty somewhat. Notwithstanding this, I felt that I played quite well. It was scorching hot, the car showing 27 ℃ when we returned from the round. I'm still using Helen's old driver and must say that it is behaving itself far better than my Ping, as shown by an 88% fairway accuracy today.

After a fair drive off the 10th tee I put my second hybrid shot into the bunker that straddles the fairway, one of the disadvantages of gaining a bit of distance from the red tee box. I was against the lip so couldn't get much distance out. I then put the ball on the green with my 8-iron but three-putted for a 7. On the 11th the drive was shorter but I then hit a very respectable hybrid leaving me about 50 yards to the green. I overplayed the pitching wedge and had to chip back on, but single-putted for a 5.

My drive on the 12th came off the edge of the club face, going right and making only 112 yards. A reasonable 6-iron out of the rough put me back on the fairway and then I again over-pitched to go off the green. The chip back was thin, leaving me an off-green putt from the other side of the green, but I sunk the next putt for a 6. My drive wasn't that long on the 13th but was well positioned. A good hybrid left a 25 yard pitch, after which I sunk a longish putt for a par 4.

Holes 13 and 14 - 26 June 2018

Yet another drive found the fairway on the 14th followed by another well place hybrid shot. I was able to putt on but the pin was a good distance away on the undulating green. It was a reasonable putt although it left me a bit to do, but the next perfectly paced putt gave me another par 4. The red tee box on the long 15th affords a significant distance advantage and my drive was good, setting me up to reach the green in four, which I did. Two putts for a 6, but I was close to making a par 5.

My hybrid didn't quite make the green on the short 16th, and the chip was short. Two putts for 4. A good rive on the 17th put the bunker in play for my second shot, and I found it. I got out, the ball reaching the edge of the green. After a long putt on I two-putted for 6. The red tee box again offers a significant advantage on the 18th and with the longest drive of the day I found myself about 80 yards from the green. Unfortunately the pitch wasn't clean and the ball fell short and to the right of the green. A chip and two putts for a 5.

The final tally was 47 with 15 putts, not at all bad even allowing for the red tee box advantage. There were really no very bad shots and if I had avoided the two bunkers I probably would have saved a couple of shots. Quite pleased really.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 26 June 2018

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