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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 27/04/17

The weather forecast for rain 'early afternoon' wasn't promising, the drizzle actually starting when we were on the 2nd hole. On the plus side it wasn't too windy.

The 1st started reasonably. My tee shot went a bit left but was in a good lie in light rough. The next two hybrid shots were good, and an 8-iron put me on the green with a par opportunity. In fact I needed two putts for a nett par 6.

Having avoided the ditch on the 2nd with my tee shot, I caught the ground with my second, the ball skewing right into the ditch! Lost ball. I dropped but playing of the sloping bank I was heavy on the next shot, needing another pitch to get to the green for 4. Two putts and a nett bogey 6.

I hit a cracking tee shot on the 3rd, but unfortunately it went left and sailed into or over the high conifers alongside the 4th tee box. I couldn't find the new ball but did find another that looked almost new. I skipped the hole as I had no idea where my ball had fallen, there being a possibility that it went out of bounds.

The 4th was fairly painless as I played up, keeping just off the right of the fairway and pitching onto the green for 4, with two putts for a nett par 6.

I went left again on the 5th but this time saw the ball land. I was close to a bush that restricted the backswing but a short punch with the pitching wedge left me a par opportunity. It was close but I needed two putts for a nett par 4.

My 5-wood tee shot on the 6th was poor. I came down on the top of the ball and sending it only about 70 yards. A good hybrid, followed by a thin but effective 8-iron, got me on the green for 3. Two putts for a nett par 4.

Things were now going much better and I was regretting the dropped hole at 3. However, the 7th soon spoiled my renewed confidence. Two poor hybrids following a mediocre hybrid tee shot left me a long pitch to the green, which was short, requiring a further pitch on for 5. Three-putting for a blobbed 8 then removed any chance of saving the hole.

The long 8th (440 yards) was better, three hybrid shots and a pitching wedge putting me on the green for 4, and two putts giving me a nett par 6.

The 9th then removed any possibility of finishing in style. It was now raining quite hard, having drizzled for most of the round. Once again, two poor hybrids after a mediocre hybrid tee shot left me everything to do, the ball lying to the right with trees in front and about 150 yards to the green. I tried to clear the trees and at the same time get near to the green using my 5-iron. Unfortunately there wasn't enough loft and the ball caught the top of one of the trees and dropped close to the trunk. I then tried to hit a 7-iron through the gap but again caught a tree, the ball bouncing back. Now on 5, I at least managed to put the next 8-iron on the green, but with two putts ended up with a blobbed 8.

I finished on 50 but of course had skipped Hole 3. It's a par 3 and would normally expect no worse than a 5, which would have made a round of 55 - about average for my present game. I scored 10 points on the eight holes played. Having got wet and lost two balls, in hindsight I think I should not have gambled on the weather forecast and stayed at home.

Game Golf scorecard - with Hole 3 blank.

Scorecard - 27 April 2017

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